Joshua 24:15
“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

 This is such a powerful verse because not only does it show commitment to the Lord, but it also shows the free will he gives us. In this situation no one was forcing anyone to believe, but Joshua is giving a precautionary to the Israelis that you are free to believe what you want, but he and his family serve the Lord. At the time Joshua is warning Israel of their lack of faith in God. Joshua through much of this book warns the Israelis that their rebellion against God is preventing them from receiving his full favor. If we chose to serve God we will receive the fullness of his favor. Does this mean life will be perfect if we do, no, but God gives us transgressions to build our lives, and to make us better. 

Today we must ask ourselves is our house serving the Lord? Are we showing undying commitment to the Lord, or are we needing of some revived faith? God is waiting for us, and he wants our commitment, which is a portion of what he requires from us. While we may not be able to be the voice of all our family, we can set the tone. We can set an expectation. We as Christians need to set the example. Even if those around us may not be on board right now, we must live the life Christ wants us to live. If we can set the table and say “I will serve the Lord today!” Then they may follow, and if your home is on board and follows God, we should be asking how can we serve him better. Listen as he speaks to you, and humble yourself before him in pray.

A bit of an interesting tale to this would be a recent change in my life. Its a great example of how we can be the example for our families. Recently, my father was baptized, and it was not without a struggle, but finally he made his way to church. Through my life he was a believer, but never took his faith to the next level. Through roughly two decades of prayer from my mother and our pastors my dad made it to church. As I mentioned months ago I am preparing to go to seminary, and it is inspiring to see how one’s life can change even later is life. Its a great message of perseverance. While your loved ones may not believe, we can only set the example. We can’t push, but we can pray, and we can seek support. However, if you are not setting the example it may never come. 

Father, thank you for your wondrous gifts
We pray for those around us who may not have the faith in you we know you deserve
Lord, may they come to you, and may they feel your presence.
Father, let us be shepherds to them when they seek to join our flock. 
Allow those seeking the transformation of loved ones allow them the patience and power to transform their lives.
Allow us to be great ambassadors for you Lord, and continue to give us the tools to serve you.
Continue to be with us, and remind us when we are getting off course.
Thank you for all you do for us.
In Jesus Name, Amen!    

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