Cast all your anxiety on Him (God) because he cares for you.

—1 Peter 5:7
Texas Rangers v New York Yankees, Game 5
This is going to be a relatively short post. However, lets get to the point, God is wonderful, and He is powerful. He cares for us, and there is no one believer who can question this matter. God will do everything that we need for those who want Him to. Isn’t that amazing. Truly great baseball teams have one thing in common a difference make whether that a big bat or a clutch arm. Do they need to be the best, no, but it helps. Every team that is successful has that guy they can lean on to close out the game.  They are supposed to go out and dominate the opposing team to give his team a chance. Mariano Rivera was one of the most clutch players off all time. He without a question was the greatest closer to ever play. He was called on to slam the door on opposing teams ensuring his Yankees a win. No matter what the situation seemed to be The Sandman was there to seal the deal. Rivera finished his career with 652 saves, which is nearly fifty more than the next closest, and almost two hundred more than the next. The Yankees put the game on his shoulders countless times and well over 600 times he came through. Between him and Trevor Hoffman, they redefined what it meant to be a closer in the majors, and teams have spent millions of dollars to try and fine someone who they can put their anxiety on. Very few times would Mo blow the game. He went out he took the pressure and he performed. While Mariano would occasionally fail, God will never fail us. You can put your troubles in His hands and he will answer. God will slam the door on our troubles and allow us to prosper. While life may not go as we plan, God will always find a way for us to prosper in the end.

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