“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

-Psalm 143:10

dans phone 035

Teach me, those are such important words. Everyone needs to learn and the most meaningful lessons we often learn in life come from family, teachers, and of course God. People don’t always look at God as a teacher, but He is. Like any parent our Heavenly Father needs to teach us lessons. Much like if you put your hand too close to the stove you quickly learn what hot is and not to touch that stuff again. In every facet of life God is teaching us. God is molding us everyday to teach us to do things His way. His way is the only way. However, we as imperfect beings can’t always accomplish this. The Psalmist is asking to be taught, and we should be very open to being taught by God. One of the things a coach truly enjoys with a player is coachable. Its something in a players head that allows them to learn new things even if they are 10 years into the league. Coachable players are a gift for coaches because they can mold them into something better, and they have the will to learn. In our relationship with God we need to be coachable, we need to put our pride aside, and learn the playbook to heaven. Life is not a single elimination round tournament, God forgives us. Learning from our mistakes is crucial to spiritual growth. If you are up for learning God will teach you the way. He will keep you on level ground.


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