“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

-Philippians 1:21


I’m sure this won’t be appearing on your motivational coffee mug that you can find at your local Lifeway or other Christian bookstore. I won’t lie, I love those mugs though. I digress, this verse above is not all that popular because it call us to do one impossible thing and goes against the gain on another. No one on this planet will ever live like Jesus did, but if we are not trying then we are losing and we one day will die, and not in the good sense. People around the world fear death, but Christians should not, it’s a gateway to eternity. We leave our Earthly vessel and our soul ascends to heaven. However, people still fear it. We still mourn when people die. There is uncertainty in everything in life. When we lose people even if we know they are likely in heaven, we cry over the loss. We may have lost them for now, but will gain them in the near future. So let’s look at this verse a little more, it’s so simple, but so hard to follow. Jesus is the way of life, we should be modeling our lives after Him, and we should stand against hatred, lust, and bigotry. We should be walking example of Jesus every day. You should live for Jesus in the car, in the shower, at school, at work, and anywhere you go. Your life should be a constant attempt to glorify His name. Jesus died so we can live forever and ever. Jesus quite literally is life. He gave us everything, and far too often we give nothing back. I myself have disappointed him far too often.

To die is gain. Such true words, but yet unpopular. However, these words are fundamental to Christian thought. No one want’s to die, but in the grind of the day it’s hard to see that Earthly death is a portal, rather than a punishment. It’s frowned upon because it marks the end, but we are going to something far greater. Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus who took the tree for us, the punishment we deserved, we are saved. True Christianity is to make sacrifices much like those Jesus made for us. Love God, love our neighbors, and love every day in the name of Jesus.



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