blogpic.jpgI’m quite bored, but some of the things on my mind I felt were worth sharing today, I’m probably going to post a couple more of these I like the concept of the short thought post.

  1. We are getting closer to election season and things are really heating up. One of the things which are sparking up is partisan hatred, Jesus was neither Democrat nor Republican, so stop voting for a party because they represent what you think Jesus would do. Vote for the man or woman who best represents God. Here in my home state I’m flipping sides for a couple votes because the democratic candidate does not fulfill the values of its party, nor does it come close to filling the values of God. Keep in mind you need to do your own research so you do not become a victim of bias based media propaganda. The news networks are focused on ratings, not always the truth.
  2. I think we should all be standing up against greed and corruption, but it’s just a single matter issue. I am all for you supporting this cause, but do it right. I am a supporter of this too, but it does not just end with sticking the nation’s 1% with higher taxes. It’s controlling the greed in your home, and your community. We cannot continue to stand for greed in the church either, many of these bozo preachers who have private jets, big following’s, and millions of dollars in net worth is promoting corruption, not by their words, but their actions. They receive millions of dollars a year, but how much does that go to advancing the gospel? I’m not saying their message is wrong, but what would Jesus say to this person?
  3. Today we see many issues which should be non-issues, well, become issues. For example to give Elsa a girlfriend, and I know many of you who have been reading my blog know my stance on the LGBT debate. I firmly believe whether or not you as a Christian believe their cause is right, we need to support these individuals, we still need to pray for them, and we still need to love them, bottom line. Back to the point on this though, there is a strong push for one side to make Elsa a lesbian, what? Off the bat I thought this was the most ridiculous thing in the world. Again, not that I am not in favor of LGBT people getting their rights, but this is now flipping the script. If you see your cause as so meaningless that you need a Disney character to become an LGBT advocate then we have issues. You’re wasting your time on this minuet issue. Frozen becoming the LGBT advocacy kids film is not going to change the major issues. It’s not Disney’s job to be an advocate, nor to teach children about sexuality. On the flip side I think it’s wrong to force Disney to promote the “traditional” family. However, in the grand scheme of thing who really cares? Elsa is a fictional character, she is irrelevant? I’ll get to this my other issue with this is you are making Elsa something she’s not. She’s a strong independent woman, how many times is there an empowering and independent princess? If we let Manny be Manny, why not let Elsa be Elsa???
  4. Continuing on the trend of human trafficking, we have idiot politicians who are trying to pass measurement legislation for strippers, but they don’t have the slightest care for trafficking victims, the poor and needy, homeless, or other worthy causes. Let’s get the bozo’s out of office we don’t need people like this.
  5. I think we as Christians need to stop being so sensitive. There is such thing as reality and sometimes we need to deal with it. If we get upset of every darn issue under the moon it gets redundant and we lose the value in our voice. So what if a comedian says something offensive about Christianity, guess what, you were probably laughing when he said it about all of those other belief systems, and if they didn’t say anything wait a couple weeks and they will.

These are 5 things on my mind, feel free to disagree, if you do feel free to comment!



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