“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”
-Matthew 5:48

One looks at this and have to think, well I’m screwed, but it’s this precise mentality that “screws” us. God knows we are not perfect, but we can not go about our lives not trying. God test us everyday, it’s called trials. Imagine God as a judge. Your presenting your life to Him and He will pass dowb a verdict. It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine because it’s one of His many roles. It should be all of our desires to aim towards perfection, to live a Christ lived, to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

As any of you know I am preparing for seminary. I want to be a chaplain in the United States Navy. I love serving in the Navy. I try to make my self what I want to be, a chaplain, I offer a nurturing presence, I help others, and I pray for those who needs it. Nonetheless, I have a great support group who I firmly believe is there to keep my life in check. As a sailor I  faced with temptation everyday, and for the most part I resist it. However, I have heard numerous times “that’s not how a chaplain should act.” I won’t lie I have a sailors mouth. While they were right I shouldn’t have a sailors mouth, neither should they. Ministers are just humans as well. If you hold someone to a standard you should be prepared to hold yourself to the same standard. Don’t just expect it, live it.

We must give. We must care for the poor, sick, and needy. Jimmy Carter has a great quote,

If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values because you don’t.”
Jimmy Carter

It probably pains some of you to hear this, but it’s true. Jesus came to Earth and lived among the poor. Jesus was a carpenter, not an elitist. His friends were outcast. He helped the weak and exploited. Soy question is what’s holding you back? Look into your heart to find what’s blocking you from seeking perfection. Seek and give forgiveness, be humble, and love God. Let’s knock down the barriers and live as Christ wants us to.


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