blogpic.jpg.png.jpgIn life we are faced with rules, and each of them come from different sources, but why so many rules, and which ones actually matter. We know that God’s rules are the utmost importance, but is every rule there after irrelevant. Well, no, the answer is simply no. God commands us to honor thy mother and father, doing so pleases God. Jesus teaches us to honor the laws of our society because they were put into power by God. Additionally, what about social norms? Those are unwritten, but in essences are rules. Jesus came to this Earth and violated the social norms, and stood for what was right. Today, millions of people are following the “rules” of society, but it’s a rebellion for Christ is what we need to focus on. How many times have we chased the perfect body, the perfect outfit, a house full of things, or simple Earthly excellence? While nothing wrong with those things in moderation, we can often push those things too far. If you’re so bent on the perfect body you forget to honor God in the process its idolatry. Live comfortably in your skin.  Who cares if you have a couple extra pounds, if the extra weight is not interfering with a healthy lifestyle, a comfortable one, who cares what the critics say? However, on the flip side, we can be victims of idolizing food, laziness, and indulgence, both are equally incorrect paths of pursuing. Nothing in life should interfere with your relationship with God.

I can speak personally here, far too often do I purchase an item I do not need, and when the end of the month comes I now have to sit and go without something I may have actually needed because I wanted to buy a nice pair of headphones rather than something I would have been better suited with. I have a full house, and by that I have been blessed with plenty of items, but there comes a point where I simply want to just get rid of so much of it which is why I will be holding a garage sale in the coming weeks. We as American’s love stuff, and it’s a sense of comfort. It’s something we all want to have, it’s a status symbol, but a minimalist approach can be just as appealing in the long run, make room for Jesus in your home. You can’t take the stuff to heaven, so why keep it and live a cluttered life.

Speaking of heaven, wearing your cross neckless, Bible verse T-shirt, and listening to Hillsong will not get you to heaven. However, it’s not a reason to not wear them. A lot of people will shy away from wearing those items because of their fear of judgement, but guess what their voices don’t matter. The believers will say look at him trying to be self-righteous, and the non-believers saying who is he trying to fool. If you like the shirt, wear it, use it to honor God. If you’re wearing it to honor God who cares what someone else thinks, rebel for God a little, because Jesus was far from with the grain in the eyes of the “cool cats” of his time.

Speaking of cool cats who cares about being cool, is it that important, because being cool never gets you anywhere. It gives you a false sense of reality and security. You can please God in a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt just as much as you can in an Armani suit. Well, I take that back if you can afford an Armani suit, you might want to consider your tithes, no one needs an Armani suit, with that cost you probably could have bought multiple nice suits and given some back to the Lord in the process. You are not sent to heaven by your friend count, nor by the beliefs of humanity, that’s God’s call. If you’re so invested on the perception of others, then your meeting with St. Peter may be a little awkward.

These are just a couple of things we do in our lives, while we are commanded to follow rules, be worn off which ones we are following. We answer to God, and the norms of society that do not honor God we should thoroughly question. We should not gossip, but it’s a norm, and at some point we all do this. At the end of the day we need to find the way to put the ways of the Lord first. Strive to please God before man, if you want to be cool be cool in the eyes of God. Love thy neighbor, give, worship, and spread the gospel.



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