“We love because God first loved us. Whoever says, “I love God,” but hates his brother is a liar. The one who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love the God whom he has not seen.”

-1 John 4:19-20


Hate it’s such a strong word, but it exist far more than we want to admit. It’s something many of us inadvertently show to others, and sometimes more inexcusably something we do intentionally. We display hate, while it may not be you individually there is still hatred in this world, hence the numerous race, sex, and cultural based phobia’s. That’s right, bigotry is still prominent, but it’s my firm belief that contrary to our prior generations, millennials have a nose for hated and at less likely to accept it. Nothing gives you the right to hate gay people. Nothing likewise gives you a right to hate Muslims, Mexicans, or Moroccans that matter. You should live your life in line with the teachings and life of Jesus, the dreams of Dr. King, and the ways of Gandhi. No I am not comparing the later two to Jesus, but Dr. King’s I have a dream speech is in line with the teachings of Jesus. Gandhi’s non-violent ways inspired Dr. King, and was on par with how Jesus would do thing. All three had something in common a lack of hatred even though their society often looked at them as outcast, scum, and a burden. While hatred is an acceptable practice, it is not designed for humans towards other humans. It’s designed for sin, behaviors, and practices. For example I hate bigotry. Each new tragedy in our society which is caused by hatred. We realized the issues we have in out society. I often hear things like society’s not like its used to be, I tend to disagree. I tend to disagree because during that time there was no such thing as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and other 24 hour news sources. In fact, in the 30’s-40’s the general public didn’t know about FDR being in a wheel chair. We now have social media which adds to the constant news sources and has been a source for people to do many great things, and some not so great things. We now have candidates saying things like Make America Great Again, but in my view it’s already great, and if we going back to a great time please enlighten me on what time was so great because I would love to see which time would be so great.

It’s Called Progress

Hello, to all of you out there Rome was not built in a day, nor will our model society which is built on love. While we are in somewhat rough times, at least we are making progress. Women are in the work place, blacks don’t have to drink from a different fountain, and gay’s can marry. I know many of you reading are saying hold up there Danno, those people are still exploited people, and yes they are, but we are progressing to a better society. We now have a black president, and we may be well on our way to a female president. It’s all a journey, progress is not about immediate change, its about the journey. It’s not perfect, nor will I ever admit it. There are still racial issues, women are still underpaid, and gays still get the raw end of the deal. I get it, but let’s look back just ten years ago. 10 years ago it was not OK for gays to serve in the military, marry, nor was it to many people OK to admit. Fast forward today, gays can openly serve, be openly gay, and they can marry in all 50 states. Let’s look back 40 years ago, the Civil Rights movement was still going on. Go back to the 1940’s and there were no black athletes in professional sports. Now while there is still discrimination a black man is president. Some of the most influential athletes include LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Andrew McCutchen. It’s not perfect, but its progress. Around the same time the Civil Right was going on women too were fighting for rights, and women are a major part of our society today. They are politicians, CEO’s, and while there is still more to be done women have a better place in society than they did following the world wars. Our society is not perfect, but this nation is progressing and it is already great. No offense to those who believe differently, but poor cities in this nation are far different than poor cities across the world. We are far more fortunate than many other nations.

Just Give it Up

It get it change is hard to make, but when you are wrong you are wrong. God does not hate anyone, while he may be disappointed with some of us, He will never hate us. He loves us, and we should love each other like He loves us. Impossible as it may seem there are ways you can try. Many people who have biases, prejudice, and hatred in them have a root it’s learned somewhere. So if you learned it you can learn to lose it. We must love one another, we must unite together and stand for what is right.


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