“And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.”

-2 Peter 1:4


One thing I have gotten away from in the past couple weeks was writing about sports, its one of my many passions, but its something I know well and I know that deep down it’s a tool for evangelism. It was the original motivation for this blog, but God has placed many bigger items on my heart, and I have so much I feel He wants me to write about. I love the verse above, because of His glory and excellence, lets just look at that what more needs to be said about God, His glory and excellence. However, there is more, He has given us great and precious promises. Let me add to this a little, great and precious promises that none of us deserve, but by His grace we receive them. Every team around the league has their guy, the Cavs have LeBron, the Angels have Trout, the Penguins have Crosby, and the Patriots have Brady. You know each and every game your guy is going to do something special nine times out of ten, and when they don’t its an off night. God doesn’t have off nights, even in great tragedy God is doing amazing things, and making change. We may not always see it, but God is doing work in our lives everyday. He does this because of his glory and excellence.
As we continue to dissect this verse we see there are promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the worlds corruption. How many times have sports just taken you away from it all. They united us, and the can move our minds away from what’s bad. After Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans community was hurt, knocked down, and beaten, but as the community returned to full strength so did the Saints. The Saints success was somewhat symbolic of what the city of New Orleans had done. Though the year Katrina hit the Saints were a below par squad, as the community built up so did the team. The Saints in 2005 finished 8-8, it marked the last year Jim Haslett would coach the team, and mark a new beginning. The following season the Saints hired Sean Payton, and the re-building of New Orleans and the Saints had begun. The Saints won the division that season with a 10-6 record and families began to move back that year. New Orleans had a new star in Drew Brees, and he took away the fears of the fans. Another group of storms hit New Orleans in 2007, and the Saints like their community took another hit, but this one was not as big. The Saints were still there, and the 2009 season came and it looked as if the community had finally recovered from Katrina, and the Saints were ready to roll. The Saints would finish 13-3 and go on to win the Super Bowl. While the recovery for New Orleans was far more complicated it just seemed fitting how the Saints progressed in that community. They took people away from the negative which had happened and united a community. Unlike sports though God does this everyday he unites us, He creates opportunity and makes us all better because He loves us.


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