“Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

-Acts 2:38


You know I hear a lot of people talking about how we don’t cover enough of the bad of the Bible, and teaching the healthy fear of God, but in my view is that what God wants. If this were true I don’t believe one of the most predominant themes in the Bible would be love. Did you know that in the NIV the theme of love appears 551 times. So when we sometimes ignore some of the negatives are we really taking away from God’s plan? Above is another iconic Bible verse. If you are Christian you surely have been baptized its our mark of a believer, the Apostle Paul believed baptism to be the mark of the Christian. How beautiful is a baptism? One washing away their sins accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It’s absolutely beautiful. When you get baptized its the beginning of your relationship with God that will never end. Contrary to popular belief there is no sin, no act, nor thought that could separate you from the Fathers love. Even if you have strayed away, God will be there. In the name of Jesus Christ we are forgiven. Our sins are washed as white as snow by the crimson stain of the blood of Christ. God will forgive you in the sun, rain, snow, or storm. One of the reasons people fear going to church is because they fear judgement, but there is no sin you can commit God does not know about. There is no way you can sever the love that God has for you. There is a heaven and there is a hell and God surely wants you in the first option, and will do anything to keep you from the second.

This verse in Acts which was written is a call to action for believers to repent. Repent a word which for some reason now was become synonymous with zealot podium banding preachers. All jokes aside though this is such an important word in the Bible, its the act of humility where you admit your lesser than God, you admit you need Him, and you admit you were wrong. For some of us admitting we are wrong is harder for others. When you become baptized you are taking an oath to God that you will love Him above all else, you believe in his son, and you want to be cleansed. That oath is not something that God takes lightly, its the most important decision you will ever make. Peter in this verse does not say you who is strong, you are fine, no he says everyone of you. Everyone of use need to be baptized because regardless of the mask we put up we are all weak. We all go through our lives fighting something. Some fight gluttony, some fight lust, some fight lies, gambling, addiction whether that’s drugs, alcohol, or maybe pornography. Many of us boast, gossip, and use our tongues in dishonorable ways. However, none of this matters because Jesus has died for us, we are all flawed. While we are flawed, those who were baptized took that oath to Jesus. With that oath we were healed and saw our sins washed clean. As we felt that water touch our bodies and looked around we felt different. We are filled with the Holy Spirit. With that we became part of the body of Christ, and with that each day we must live as a part of the body, but eventually we will stumble and we will fall, but its OK because of the oath we took with Jesus, and the promise He gave us. That promise was one of forgiveness. Selah!


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