1. Here’s to hoping Donald Trump’s plummet in the polls continues, we can ill afford to elect such a toxic personality if we want to progress as a nation. Very few times in my life time have I advocated so strongly against a candidate, in fact, I don’t believe I have ever done so. In many prominent polls Trump trails Clinton by a double digit margin. I know Hillary Clinton is not the perfect candidate, but the other option is not a candidate at all. This should not be a close race.
  2. Speaking of other candidates, many people would like to explore the third party, but here’s the issue, cue Ralph Nader, and ask President Gore, oh, right that didn’t happen. Let’s not make this mistake. People will try and say a vote for Stein or Johnson is just that a vote for one of them, they don’t understand politics. Trump’s now slimmer chances of winning are potentially only alive because. Not to mention most people who want to vote for one of these candidates have no idea what they stand for. Look into the candidates, and unless you want mass removal of government you may not want to look at the Libertarian movement. Libertarian’s policies are further right than average Republicans. Make no mistake there is a reason why Libertarian’s are not sweeping the polls. Seriously, defeating Trump should be priority #1, if your so adamant about voting a third party candidate, please try another election.
  3. I am looking forward to the Olympics, and I hope it will be a nice break from some of the chaotic politics. Lets support our athletes and cheer for the gold.
  4. I know a lot of people are happy to see Alex Rodriguez go, but he was without a question one of the greatest statistical players of all time. Let me point out all the A-Frauders, Alex Rodriguez actually never failed a drug test, and for the past decade or so there have been test in place. If A-Rod was a cheater, he was a really good one. So while there are clear links and comments, A-Rod is not like Bonds, Sosa, or McGwire, he actually played during a time where testing was in place.
  5. More on baseball, the Cubs are back dominating again and here’s to hoping this is the year. They have the hustle, they have the muscle, the Chicago Cubs appear to be on their way.

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