150412-hillary-clinton.jpgWe talked about it a couple weeks ago how Donald Trump may be wearing off on people. Following a dismal post-convention bump, Trump was already scrambling. He continued to speak freely and has continued to pile on his controversy. However, we have seen the complete opposite for Hillary Clinton. Clinton looks as if she is cruising to a comfortable victory and we may see a landslide that we have not seen since the 80’s. Clinton is competitive in many traditional red states, and she is taking a strong lead in many key swing states. While its only a few weeks removed from the DNC, it doesn’t seem like these numbers will be fading. Trump continues to offend people which is making his come back improbable. So lets take a look at the maps, and for the Trump camp it has to be very concerning.

States Where Clinton Leads Safely


Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Above we have our interactive map complements of 270 to Win. So this is the poll based map which means the ones in the blue are now relatively safely blue. Clinton now leads by a significant margin in many key swing states that the map now looks this this. North Carolina, South Carolina,  Georgia, and Florida are all in play for Clinton. Ohio and Iowa remain the only ones currently labeled as real battle grounds. If you take in only the states Clinton safely leads she would be president with them along. If this map is true then the Trump camp is in for a long haul come November. However, if you would have look at the map months ago, Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina were safe red states. Mississippi, Missouri, and Indiana are all in play. Neither Trump nor Clinton may win Utah which is a huge loss for Trump. There are less than 90 days to the election, and if the polls remain the same, Hillary Clinton could be on her way to a historic victory.

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

See this is how the map was supposed to look. Even a month ago you could see Clinton really only had a projected 10 electoral vote lead. Things are shifting. While there is time to change this and maybe were jumping the gun, but it’s not likely. The majority of polls have the first look. Virginia is not longer being deemed a swing state. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan are becoming safe Clinton states. New Hampshire is becoming a reach. If Trump can not clean up his rhetoric I would project Clinton pulls further away.

If the Election Were Today

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

If the election were today Hillary Clinton would have dominated Donald Trump and that’s if. At this point in the election a candidate with this big of a lead has historically taken home the win. Things are looking good for Clinton, she has some leeway in this election. Even if this race tightens up as it looked like it would a couple weeks ago Clinton still wins. As we showed you Clinton is up big in Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. I would expect to see North Carolina join that list.

Red States Which are in Play

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

So here are the states which have voted the same since 2000, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, one district in Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada have voted for both parties since 2000. Below are states which are now in play.

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

I have the state which are blue leaning all in dark blue because the polls show there is not much chance Clinton loses any states which have been historically blue since 2000. Virginia is now safely blue in part due to here running mate.

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Battleground states Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada were battlegrounds coming into this election. Each of them are leaning Clinton at the moment, but Trump could possibly still win Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada. North Carolina is distancing themselves. Georgia and Arizona are likely states Clinton flips. In play are South Carolina, Mississippi, Alaska, Utah, Missouri, one district in Nebraska, and even the lead for Trump in Texas is becoming slim. So as you can see this election is heating up and the polls are currently favoring Hillary Clinton.

Wrapping Up

Right now we may be jumping the gun, but in the past few election we have not see this kind of lead in key battleground states. We will keep you updated, but no longer can these number be attributed to the convention. Clinton has a sizable lead, and while the race is likely to tighten up a lot will need to change if Donald Trump wants back in this race.


2 thoughts on “Could Clinton Win in a Landslide?

    1. First and foremost thanks for the comment. I personally believe that there are probably 5 major reasons.
      1. Trump’s rhetoric is finally wearing off, and the idea of him being president is setting in. I personally believe this would be a dead lock race per chance maybe Jeb Bush were the nominee.
      2. Clinton had a better convention by a large margin. The DNC left more united and behind their candidate, it appeared the RNC was scrapping for people to speak.
      3. I believe he dropped the ball on the running mate pick had he pick someone like Gingrich he would be in a much better position. Indiana is a near toss up right now.
      4. His offensive comment are starting to stack up and a lot of key players not only in his party, but personnel in the military are speaking out against him. I mean there is a top 10 list each week on the dumb stuff he said. I think most key Republicans realize they messed up letting him get this far.
      5. This is the biggest one, Clinton is campaigning right and in the right places. She has hit the regions she has a chance to win voters in. I mean Trump was in Maine about a week ago it makes no sense and he wasn’t in the potentially red district either. She is saying the right things, and doing the right things letting her controversy fade. Trump is creating a new ad for her. Plus she is spending in the right places. Clinton’s camp is far more organize in my view.


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