I Have Decided to Follow Jesus


First, and foremost I would like to apologize about my absence, I have been very busy with seminary, but I appreciate the constant support, it looks like this blog is growing and I know that this blog is going on the right path. To all the new followers who joined recently welcome. I am overjoyed many of you are here to walk the walk, and grow with me.

Now I have chosen this powerful title, and many of us have said theses words, but what do they really mean. Many of us stop there, and that is the end of it, but is it really. Did you know that we are a called to be disciples of Christ. It’s not a chosen select, in fact, disciple is an entry level position within the church. Very little experience is needed, the first disciples of Jesus Christ were lowly workers, and were seen as outcast. Don’t believe me, Peter was a fisherman, and he was joined by shepherds, tax collectors, and lead by a carpenter. I doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, student, cop, businessman, or something else you can be a disciple. When you said those word you have decided to follow Jesus, the next words should have been no turning back. However, we have to bend over backwards and move metaphorical mountains for Christ. Becoming a disciple of Christ is the beginning. Its then we are able to form the spirit. When we decide to follow Christ we open the door for the Holy Spirit to rush inside of our souls and allow God to do what only God can do. We all know we are saved, and eternal life is available to all, my question to you is what are you going to do about it? What do you need to do to get there? We know we are saved. Life is a journey, and that journey should have Christ in the drivers seat. Get out and be great my friends, get out and follow Jesus. Amen?!