flagIn case you didn’t know it we live in a divided nation. It’s not going to change, America wanted Hillary Clinton and got Donald Trump. It’s not going to be an easy process for him to bridge the gap, and the protest following the election is a clear sign this is far from being solved. However, it’s going to be a lot bigger than most people truly understand. Not only are we divided behind social, economic, and racial line. Not only is it within political lines, it’s also partisan lines as well. Donald Trump went to war with establishment Republicans, and the Republican party which we knew before could be dead. The Democratic Party may have come out of this in better shape than establishment Republicans could. The American people voted for a man who is nowhere near what an establishment Republican is. 2018, is going to be a key for both parties to see if they can bounce back. I could expect to see a lot of changes forth coming in 2018. While two years away those who do not support Donald Trump, this is our next big moment to make a change. For the time being we need unity, make a scene will not make our cause advance. We have to put aside what we want and fight for what we need.

This nation was already feeling the divide between racial lines highlighted by the media, the election of candidate who has been spewing a xenophobic, racist, and divisive language is not going to help. My firm belief is that the issue had already been there and society had become ignorant to the issue, but as the media began to highlight it we back more aware. While some would say this is bad for our nation, we can not fix an issue we do not see. We have to accept this as an issue and as Christians we have to continue to fight for the rights of all people. However, if this election did not epitomize this, we are not so much racially divided as we are socially and class structure divided. This is how Trump gained steam. He saw middle to lower middle class white American’s losing their jobs especially in the rust belt and he offered them hope. It’s hard to believe a billionaire real estate mogul truly cares about them, but he made them feel important again. He found an enemy to blame and he made them feel like he cared for them. Where you stand on this matter can be argued, but the bottom line is there is a divide in this nation, and we must fix it. We have people who feel like they are not equals to others in this nation. After all the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence perpetuate this.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Now you can argue that even the founding father did not live by this, we are an advanced society. As millennial continue to press their influence intolerance will continue to be condemned. This is a time for change, and for those of you who believe in the legacy that Barack Obama will be leaving behind, then this is far more crucial than you would think. For those of you who do not, as a Christian, we must unite this nation. Where does this change begin though, we will have an inexperienced fool running the nation. This will come down to the individual change we can all make. The first is finding causes we care about, and this can be locally or on a large-scale. Volunteering our time to causes we care about is not only Christian, but will limit the damage a Trump regime can carry out. Show up and fight for that cause.

You have to be the change, and this change  begins and ends with action. One of the many ways we are blessed as American’s is that our elected officials work for us. We can write them, and we can threaten their jobs. Now I am not one to put someone out of a job, but don’t feel too bad as senators receive partial pension after serving just one term. Not to mention its their job to serve you the people. So write them for the things you care about whether that be racial divide, environmentalism,  education, gun control, health care, and much more.

While it may seem cliché, but the only way we accomplish anything is through prayer. God can make the change we need, but we have to be united in prayer. One prayer is good, but many prayers united as one is far more powerful. If God see’s us uniting as one united front He will listen, while it may not be a yes right away He is listening.

We can continue to complain about the election results or we can take action to ensure the future of our nation. God gave all of skills to make a change and this will be the time for us as Christians to step up and make a change. It doesn’t matter who is president, because Jesus Christ is King. As Christians are part of the body of Christ, then we need to be His hands reaching. We need to be His feet walking the extra mile. We need to be His eyes seeing a need, and His mouth opening to make the change. This could become a time of trial for our nation, and we can not sit back and not fight for the change for the betterment of all people.



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