keep-calm-and-trust-in-god-54I was asked the question as part of my theology class and was moved to share some of my thoughts on what the church should be. One of the most interesting thing about the church is many people believe it to be a building you go to every Sunday, and for some Wednesday as well. For those of you who hold this belief let me tell you are wrong, and it’s not necessarily your fault either. The modern church is failing to spread this belief. The church as a building should be like a competent university for us all. A place we go to receive the tools to be better Christians. Our weekly routing should be a constant box of input and output. We enter every week and receive the word, and then leave and push these teachings to the community. We need to move out as active members of the body of Christ. By this I mean we need to be the hands helping the sick, poor, and weary. The voice which speaks up against injustice and the feet walking the extra mile in the name of God.

The church is an assembly of believers who come together for one common cause the worship and observance of our savior Jesus Christ. The church should function like a strong government and be a daily dose of checks and balances. We cannot let each other move around as heretics. Nor, can we allow ourselves to listen to only one voice. We need to be the voice of truth, and be the living image of this. A highly functioning church doesn’t just intake believers, but sends them out to do the work of the Lord, and this is a never-ending cycle. It should be the goal of the church to move together towards Christlikeness. We need to win souls for Christ, but it does not end there, we need to form their souls so that they can go out and grow as a body. We should be building disciples, stewards, and outreaching hands.

James 2:26 teaches us, “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” As a church body, we need to build people to not only have a pure authentic faith in God, but also enable them to carry out the gospel to the world. Millennials are the generation which is knocking on the door of faith, but see hypocrisy within the church. They want authenticity from the church. Now it’s a bit foolish to write off the church because of hypocrisy because there are hypocrites everywhere. In fact, were all a little hypocritical occasionally, just like were all sinners. The church once cemented in a Christ centered role can eventually build on some more trendy things like music choice, coffee, and cool programs, but not without having Christ in the center first. The church should be committed to the community of believers first, because if the church is not committed to a Christ centered life it’s worthless.

There are plenty of people knocking on the door of pure and authentic faith and it will be up to the church to find them and form them in Christ. Once we can trash the false concept that a church is a building we can begin to grow. Matthew teaches us where two or more are gathered in His name we are representing the church. The church is not a place it’s how we carry ourselves as a body of believers daily. We need to be a moving function of the will of God making believers and forming them to be an asset for Christ.  Bottom line folks, Christ should be at the center of this all. The church needs to commit to this, and commit to building faithful, strong, and influential leaders in the name of Jesus Christ. After all we are second.



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