king2aOh, Mitch McConnell, well you tried, but the issues with what McConnell did was not only bias, unjust, but he made Elizabeth Warren’s pull and power that much stronger. What Mr. McConnell doesn’t realize was not only was this a massive political fumble and it’s hard to find logic in his choice. Someone with the experience and whit that McConnell surely knew the implications of trying to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren over a matter which made things look worse for him and his party, and a major victory for Warren and the Democrats. While the Democrats did not successfully block Attorney General Jeff Sessions, they are showing a fight which American’s have been pleading for years now. While over the past couple years there were a few choice Democrats which were speaking up, very few of those efforts have been unified. This is a major step forward for the party not only going into the 2018 mid-terms but also potentially 2020 presidential election.

Why This Matters

When Sen. McConnell tried to silence Sen. Warren this blew up in his face. Had McConnell simply let Sen. Warren read the letter by Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and fellow civil rights activist, it would have been just that. It would have simply been Sen. Warren reading the words of a woman who fought for the rights of so many Americans. It would have been a sting to Sen. Sessions, but prior to the confirmation vote there were more than one Democrat on which had stated they were considering voting yes to Sessions, but that’s all Sessions ended up getting. Likewise, it was kind of a trifecta what McConnell did there he stood up to silence a strong, powerful woman who was reading the words of a strong, powerful African American and Civil Right activist. What would have been a humbling reading of a letter turned into political momentum for Sen. Warren and others within the movement she stands for. He gave us a battle cry which has gone viral “She was warned, she was given an explanation, and she persisted.”

This momentum in my view was just the bump which Sen. Warren needed to push her into not only a more prominent role in the senate, but we may look back four-five years from now as the crack in the dam which paved the way for Elizabeth Warren breaking the glass ceiling. It’s not secret Warren is an early favorite to become the Democratic nominee in 2020. What Mitch McConnell was trying to do was silence one of the fastest rising senators out of fear. However, what Mitch McConnell did was piss into the wind.

By a condescending tone and an equally condescending finger wag, Senator McConnell added fuel to a fire which he himself was trying to simmer down. What likely was a “Freudian slip-Esque” move on the part of McConnell left him regretting his decision. While Senator Warren was barred from reading the letter on the senate floor she quickly took the fight to Facebook reading the letter live. Likewise, the move has brought an array of interviews which likely has Mitch McConnell feeling like a hockey player who scored on his own net. It’s opened the door to continue the fight. It could be a pivotal point. The fight for the future of this nation is still alive and well so let us all follow Liz’ lead we may be warned, we may be given an explanation, but still we will persist to fight for what is right and for the good of this nation.



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