donald_trump_by_gage_skidmoreFor those of you with eyes and ears you likely already know about the controversy of this president’s run so far. Not only are we seeing people who have been against Donald Trump this whole time, but there are many Americans who bought the Trump brand and like investing in one of his companies is having buyers remorse. I’m not here to knock the man he is, everyone is entitled to their own view, but the thing of it is Donald Trump is doing what his opponents and critics such as myself have been saying all long. This man’s fitness to be commander in chief is not there. For those of you who continue to defend him and proclaim give him a chance, we have, and his chances are up. Stop getting behind this man because nothing he tells you is true. This is not even a partisan matter, politics is not the root of this issue, in this case, its the person. All of this controversy does not exist if it was another Republican in office for the most part. Jeb Bush would not have received this opposition, nor would Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the list goes on. While many of us have ideological differences with these men at the least there are slight clues they know what they are doing. We have gotten past bone-headed presidents in the past, but you can’t even limit your critique to bonehead. If you voted for Trump I’m not here to bash you for your choice because that would be un-American, every American who is qualified should have the right to vote for who they choose. However, the joke is over folks, and like many before me have said it’s not funny anymore. He’s played many of you and the brighter bulbs among you are starting to realize this, or at least I would hope.

Drain the Swamp

This was a cute little statement which seemed like a wonderful concept. It was a message that Americans were clinging to because millions of Americans want this. Donald Trump did not want this, we are now stuck with the richest cabinets in the history of this country. Not to mention within that has billionaires who are unqualified to do what they are being asked to do. Besty DeVos is in charge of your children’s education and it the educational system was already failing in this nation before her. DeVos famously believes there should be guns in schools because of potential grizzly attacks. She doesn’t have the slightest clue about any of the issues which face the public school system. As pointed out in her confirmation hearing the only reason she was here is because she was rich enough to donate. It took a tie-breaker vote to get her in. Again this is not Democratic resistance, when the person is qualified to perform the job or was even remotely competent to perform the job they were voted in. Gen. James Mattis was a perfect example of this, he is highly qualified for the position which he was appointed to, and there was no issue. He was pushed through.

For a president who promised to drain the swamp, this is a bit ironic because the monsters within are moving with ease. Actually, by drain the swamp what I think he meant was draining all the water so it was easier for the monsters to move. By taking out the water he also suffocates the life which also dwelled withing. So looking at this way he did, good ole’ “alternative facts.”

This swamp now features Steve Bannon, Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, Jay Clayton, and Henry Paulson all Goldman Sachs alumni. Betsy Devos a billionaire. One of Trumps relatively sensible picks Linda McMahon, also a billionaire. This alone was a huge campaign promise which was broken, one I might add he had the actual control to put into action.

Alternative Facts

If I need a character witness to always make me look golden when I mess up I may have to call Kellyanne Conway. I will tell you she sure has a great way to turning a dog turd on a platter look like an eatable meal to many Americans. How you may ask? Alternative facts, where anything can be a fact if you put a slightly different twist to it. Alternative facts as we may know are actually lies, but seriously how is this not a bigger issue to the people who didn’t make an issue of it. It’s a bit frightening how few people are concerned with the lack of honesty from this regime. I mean the facts were there before the election that Trump would be a liar as a huge portion of his statements were deemed by an independent fact-finding agency to be a lie. However, this is all ironic because again we are seeing numerous occasions on which either the President of one of his aides blatantly lies, gets caught, and still tries to cover it up. What’s ironic about this is Donald constantly called his opponents out for their dishonest. However, evidently didn’t have a fancy nickname that he liked to hand out like “Lying Ted” or “Crooked Hillary.” It may have been beneficial if one of them may have stooped to his level of petty and called him “Doomsday Donald”, “Dishonest Don”, or “Taradiddle Trump.”

What’s Scary

We can sit and watch this and critique this, but let’s be honest folks he’s appointing racist, but ran on racism. He promised to drain the swamp but only made it bigger.

Oh, one of my favorites still. He says he’s going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Seriously, who actually thought this was a real thing? Holy crap, really if I was your neighbor and didn’t like that your kid kept walking into my yard so I’m going to build a fence. However, I’m not going to pay for that fence you are, it’s your kid. Your likely going to tell me to frick off, and that’s exactly what Mexico did, rightfully so. What people don’t realize too is that there is already a wall build across a good chunk of the border. What makes his promise so ridiculous is he can’t cover the whole border because of regulations around the Rio Grande. Not to mention some of the exposed property remaining is owned by private residences. So like most of you, they don’t want this big ugly wall in their back yard. Not to mention this wall will cost $25 billion. If this was not enough this wall would be almost completely useless because this is not even close to the only method people cross the border. Most of the people who come here only want a better life and to work.

I digress, what’s scary about this all was there are things the people who voted for him knew about. So Democrats in 2020, will have some serious game planning to do because for many of his supporters some of the things he is doing do not matter to them. Which is precisely why having a strong progressive which will motivate young voters to come out in 2018, and 2020 will be crucial. Without this vote it could be some of the same old, same old, look at the difference between elections, though. Barack Obama appealed to the youth, Hillary Clinton did not. There was little which thrilled voters about her. This was the big mistake. While many notable people came out to help sell a car she was still kind of the 85′ Camry that would get the job done. This was not enough to outsell the 75′ Camero which had no engine, motor, radiator, etc. People were able to sit behind the wheel and go vroom a lot and felt like things were going to change. They felt like they were the cool kid again, still had hair, and much more.



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