resist-cover-584x389Once again this is beyond ridiculous. If you want to make “America Great Again!” rise up. Rise up America because this is a national tragedy going on right now. I know this country is able to unite under tough circumstances and this again is a tough circumstance. We sit three weeks into a new presidency and already there are a number of crises on our hands. None more serious than the immigration which we’re are currently facing there are people who are being deported after living in this nation crime free for over 20 years. We are seeing people because of an unconstitutional Muslim ban people who were cleared to enter this nation legally prohibited from doing so.

Not only is the plan which the President looking to do irrational, it’s unethical. What he is doing is dictating this nation. He is putting us in a position to go against everything that is American. The worse part about this is pretty much every American is in favor of immigration reform but this is not it. Singling out certain people, and those who come to this nation seeking a better life just like out ancestors did. He’s going down a dark road which we have not seen in years.

Immigration raids have already begun around the country and all it is doing is tearing families apart. They are moving people out of this nation who have been trying to do the right thing. 99% of immigrants who come this nation have nothing but the best intentions they want to work and they are not here to get a hand out they want to get away from what they were facing. It’s ridiculous what is going on with this matter. Rather than wasting all these resources on immigration measures which most of America does not support why are we not creating jobs. Why is Flint, Michigan still without clean water?

Donald Trump is focusing on the groups of immigrants which he sees convenient and innocent lives are at risk. This president does not care about what is good for others or what is right he cares about what is good for himself and what is right in his eyes. Thank God, that the courts are taking down Trump on his Muslim ban, but he is still persisting with an irrational ban which had no basis. We have all heard about the holes in the ban and thus I do not need to repeat them. However, we have to continue to voice ourselves in a peaceful manner to ensure this nation does not collapse or become the villains. The other day the Pope called on Christians to build bridges, not walls. To think this needs to be reiterated to people is troubling.


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