What in the world is going on right now? The power of the president will not be questioned? Is this seriously the state of our system right now? Does the law, the constitution mean anything to the White House? Again, this was the point I was trying to elude to last week. This is not ideological here, and I actually continue to consider myself a left leaning moderate. However, much of the recent events I have been leaning to the left. It should not make a difference if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or whatever you believe here this should be disturbing and terrifying to every American about the control this administration is demanding. He is undermining the judiciary, he is attacking other leaders to a point where he wants supreme control.

The bottom line is they lost and they need to accept defeats when it comes as a check and a balance. There are much bigger issues in this nation than this ridiculous ban which should have never been drafted. This is just another example of an administration that has not business being in the position which they are in at this moment. We are seeing a demand for control, a series of conflict of interest, and a laundry list of controversy which comes less than a month into this administration. Instability is an understatement which is being presented here. It’s a day-to-day process of what will happen next, in fact, just rewind to about four days ago.

Backtrack those few days and now you have the Mike Flynn story. Flynn sits in a high profile position as the national security advisor. Reports from nine different sources emerged that Gen. Flynn had had contact with the Russian government before the Trump administration took office, and maybe even prior to the election. This is major news which is extremely disturbing on the premise any other administration would have severed ties here and cut their losses. They continue to stand behind Flynn when multiple intelligence reports point to this. There have already been a series of stories which indicate that our election had been tampered with and this is creating a closer link to this administration. This is becoming an ever growing monster which is about to blow up. This was far beyond a boneheaded move here, but it should come to no surprise to most of the use. It’s no longer a few incidences its developing a precedence, a pattern, and this is a continuously developing indictment on this situation.

We are seeing questionable immigration policies, and not to mention a growing indication of conflicts of interest. We had the entire Trump v. Nordstroms issue, which should have not been an issue at all. A person who has been in business for the time the president has should know any American company has the right and ability to chose which products they want to sell. The Ivanka Trump line was not selling. There was no partisan intent, it’s was just a business being a business. Following this, we get a tweet from the president, and then Kellyanne Conway committing a major ethics violation using her status to promote the line of clothing.

Again, folks, this is no longer a matter of red v. blue, dem v. republican, left v. right this is becoming an issue of this nation and our overall interest. The path which we have seen has been an unprecedented course of events, and let me remind you were going into week 4.



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