resist-cover-584x389What we are seeing right now is potentially huge, and this could add up to the worst political scandal since watergate. If in fact, the president had worked with Mike Flynn on this matter and has had connections to Russian officials prior to his inauguration or worse influencing this election we are looking at the potentially worst political scandal in the modern era. Now, this is all speculative, but this is what an event such as the one we have seen unfold with Michael Flynn, and indications of a cover-up does to the perception of citizens. We are seeing a number of Republicans refuse to investigate this further, while other Republicans want to know more, and the minority who want to investigate are spot on. At best this situation leads to find Michael Flynn acted on his own. We just spoke on this, but I want to elaborate on this matter further because there are a number of factors which need to be considered in this matter. While it’s possible he acted alone recent news reports are casting a dark cloud over this matter. In fact, moments ago the New York Times reported, “Intercepted calls show Trump campaign members had repeated contact with Russian intelligence before the election.” This is no longer a tiny matter, and no longer is Russian interference speculation, it’s becoming an imminent possibility.

Flynn is Not the First Trump Official Lost Due to Russian Ties

Flynn is now the third Trump surrogate which has been disqualified for their role due to Russian ties. While Flynn by far is the most significant, we cannot overlook the fact that Paul Manafort and Carter Page both were in line for positions with ties to Trump. Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair violated rules against an unregistered foreign lobbyist for Russia. Page, like Flynn an adviser to Trump, was investigated by the CIA for his ties to the Russian government, like Flynn, resigned. Then today Flynn resigned because he was compromised by Russian officials.

For months we have been seeing speculation that Trump has had ties to Russia, and his appointees have not separated him from this speculation. Keep in mind Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s past good relations with Putin during his time as ExxonMobil’s CEO. The links are continuing to add up, and the cloud over Trump and his ties to Russia are darkening.

The Timeline Works Against a Lone Act

As reported on All in With Chris Hayes we were given this timeline which shows the Obama Administration announce sanctions on Russia on the 29 of December. Russia later releases the statement they will retaliate. Reports have Michael Flynn making contact with a Russian ambassador. The following day Russia announces they will not retaliate, which is the least Russian thing to do. Not much longer after this then president-elect Trump tweets “Great Move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!” Again, this alone is nowhere near evidence that the president but this does, however, cast yet another cloud of doubt over this administration. It cast doubt on any claim that Flynn acted alone.

donald_trump_by_gage_skidmoreCandidate Trump Calls For Russia to Find E-Mails

Let us not forget on the campaign trail candidate Trump called on Russia to begin hacking essentially to find the alleged lost e-mails against his opponent at the time. Much like the other mentioned matter this alone is not an indictment, and alone would likely be overlooked, but when you begin to add these matters up. It raises a great deal of doubt, and makes one wonder how deep does this scandal go?

The Potential Cover-Up?

All indications are pointed towards a cover up on this matter. As numerous sources have reported that the White House knew about Flynn’s meeting at the latest 18 days ago. It took almost three weeks for the White House to take action on this matter. In fact, the growing consensus is that the White House was prepared to let this one play out had the media not exposed this matter. However, we all have to be asking why? Why did the administration not take action? Rather than taking action right then and there and look into the matters they let it fester. Now there is a cover up. Leaving most of us onlookers asking what are they hiding? What is also questionable is why was Mike Pence and Reince Priebus left out of the loop on this matter?

Was His Action Criminal?

On a plain look, many people will point to the Logan Act, but the thing of it is Michael Flynn would become the precedent in this matter. No one has ever been convicted under the Logan Act. However, there are a number of charges which could be brought against Flynn and anyone who potentially may have involvement with this. At the moment there is not an abundantly clear violation which is in play here, but this is precisely why we need a investigate this matter. Michael Flynn by taking his actions placed himself in a position for blackmail and potential tampering. Another factor which is being discussed is whether or not new attorney general Jeff Sessions will become a factor in this matter. Will he limit the intelligence community ability to pursue action on this matter? There are a lot of dangerous what if’s and on the face value, this is becoming potentially the biggest political scandal in American history. Again this could all be nothing more than speculation, but without an investigation, we will not know, and the speculation will only grow.

Was There Election Tampering From Administration?

The biggest part of this matter is potential election hacking. The New York Times just reported, “Intercepted calls show Trump campaign members had repeated contact with Russian intelligence before the election.” Which is providing an indication that not only did Russia interfere with our election, but they potentially assisted Donald Trump in his election. There has been a continuous investigation on the interference which had occurred and how deep it went. Reports have previously linked Flynn to Russia prior to the election. Additionally, a number of other aides had connections to Russia per the New York Times report. This issue is getting bigger and bigger.

We Need an Investigation

Whether or not any of this is linked together we need to investigate this matter just to see how deep this matter goes. If it’s as simple as a couple of incidents which are vaguely linked together by an anomaly then that’s great, but we can not continue to move forward with a shadow of doubt over our president. If you are a supporter of the president you should want this too because if he had no involvement then he needs his name cleared from any wrong doing. However, connections to this matter need to be looked into because this matter involves a foreign government meddling in our affairs. Logan Act violation aside here, we need to see if this is much bigger. Best case right now this was an isolated act by Michael Flynn, but worse case leads down a much darker road. A road we have not seen since Watergate and likely would get the president impeached. This is a quickly developing story which will be worth watching. We cannot go on without action, we cannot proceed without a thorough investigation, and we have to know the truth. This may be a bit over the top, but we need to make sure it is just that nothing more than specualtion.


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