tdy_welker_flynn_161118-nbcnews-ux-1080-600A storm is on the horizon. With the resignation of Michael Flynn the administration finally took the right course of action. Whether this was the choice of General Flynn or within the administration it was the right course of action. However, lurking behind this story is a much larger issue. One which can not be taken lightly and we are going to see who the real patriots in congress are and which ones are cowards. This comes as possibly the biggest hit to this administration’s hypocritical regime. Not long ago on the campaign trail, we saw Michael Flynn leading the chants “Lock Her Up” for a matter which Hillary Clinton would later be clear on. Fast forward a couple month later and we have the same man conspiring with foreign officials. Talking policy when it was not his place. Maybe it’s possible Flynn went rogue and acted independently and this is disturbing in its own light, but what is far more likely is the opposite. Others knew, and Flynn was not acting alone. Someone aside from Flynn knew about this. This move not only validates claims of Russian interference in our elections but also these actions may have directly assisted Donald Trump in his actions.

For those of you who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton based on her using a private e-mail server I hope you see the error in your way. This is a far bigger matter than e-mails, this is treasonous. This violates the Logan Act at a minimum and if the Republican lead congress has any integrity they will soon be investigating this further. We deserve an investigation. Whether they prompt the investigation out of a motive for the right thing or simply because they want to save some face, it needs to be done. We are passed the point where a nice clean ending is possible. A cover up has happened, and at best this will serve as another reminder how little this administration knows about running a nation. For you see if Flynn somehow was acting alone, how is what we should be asking? Does this administration have a bunch of free agents prowling around doing dealing as they please? This is a massive issue in itself. It asks who is in charge? Who is calling the shots? Is there any organization to this process? What message does it send to the world about our current system?

Michael Flynn should be investigated, and he and anyone who seemingly has any connection to him should be arrested and indicted on whatever they have coming to them. Luckily, it appears there are a few remaining patriots remaining in congress on the right, and leading that charge is senators Graham and McCain. They remain two Republicans in congress you can look at and firmly believe while I may have ideological differences, they know what they are doing, they are good men. Senator John McCain has spoken on the matter and describes the pattern developing here. It’s a pattern that is continously linking the president to Vladimir Putin. Below is a video link into Senator Graham’s comments on the need for strength against Russia, as well as, investigating this matter.

According, an article from the New York Times, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer state the White House knew about the matter 17 days ago. Now what we have here is a brewing storm cloud this matter is not going to go away because of the resignation of General Flynn. The White House knew about this matter three weeks ago, if not earlier, about this matter. During those three weeks, nothing had occurred to rectify this situation. We know that then acting Attorney General Sally Yates had informed the White House on these matters, but there is evidence which points to potential knowledge prior to this matter. Flynn should have been dropped three weeks ago. However, they let it fester into something larger. It was brushed under the rug for weeks and it was finally exposed. It became a major issue which became worse over the past couple weeks. This is precisely why it would be foolish not to investigate this matter. Likewise, it precisely why it does not appear Flynn acted alone. When you begin to dive into it the pieces of the puzzle fall into place Flynn was not alone in his doings. Think about it folks, when has Russia ever been slow to delaying a response to American sanctions. When has Russia ever been slow to retaliating against the US in some shape or form? There has already been evidence exposed of election tampering. The Trump administration for months now has on multiple occasions been linked to Russia. Shortly before taking office, Donald Trump tweeted:

Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!

This could all end up being coincidental, but we need to make sure that is not. Maybe Flynn was acting alone, and maybe this turns out to be a simple boneheaded move. Or maybe it’s what it’s exactly what it is building up to be, a storm on the horizon for Trump and his administration. Another picture of the character of this president. Another link and another hole which can be poked into their actions. Whether or not this was an independent action or a much large issue, its a major issue and must be dealt with accordingly and swiftly. The White House can continue to call this a violation of trust all they want but it will only be tossed in the pile of lies they have given to the American people since taking office. It’s a matter of national security, something Flynn was supposed to be protecting. This is what happens when proper vetting is not done. This is what happens when unqualified people take over. This again another indication of the growing reality that impeachment is imminent. As each story comes out it becomes a greater possibility. Regardless where you stand on the political spectrum, you can not deny the only way to describe the first three weeks is chaotic. Chaos is not what we need, action is needed, and we must unite to make this nation better.


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