Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. -Galatians 6:9

In my honest opinion, anyone who claims to be a baseball fan is also a fan of The Natural. Now I know some people are too young to have seen the movie so I’ll give them a pass. Since this, I won’t ruin the movie, but demand you go out and watch the film if you haven’t seen it. Now I do have to write a little about it so minimal spoilers (but I mean common get with the program)  and I digress the film featuring a young promising pitcher Roy Hobbs who is practically shot and disappears. He becomes a nobody and nearing 40 he re-emerges. He comes back as an elite hitter who when given a chance helps carry his team. What I’m getting at is that Roy’s gifts were re-tooled and plenty of big leaguers have changed positions and had success. Especially nowadays it’s not uncommon for players to play multiple roles to get himself playing time. Versatility is valued don’t believe me ask Ben Zobrist who has made a career of playing wherever his manager slotted his name. Versatility for Christians is exactly what we all need to be. Like Roy, many of us go about our day and would be blindsided by a setback, but the thing of it is God didn’t give us the Holy Spirit to become quitters. Roy had a dream and he found a way to repurpose his talents. When Jesus called his disciples they were common men fishermen, tax collectors, laborers, etc. What’s significant about the fishermen reference is that Christ repurposed the disciples who were still fishermen, but no longer fished for fish, but became fishers of men. Far too often we receive the calling of God and we look at ourselves and let a lodged bullet hold us back, but if we do we miss out on the joys of life God has in line. God has never promised a perfect life, but He does want us to have joy and happiness. How many times have we given up on something because of a failure? How many times have we let pain limit our joy? We are all given trials, trials are rough seasons, but they are just that seasons, seasons change. Trials are a test which we all are empowered to get through. If you were put on trial for a crime you did not commit I would imagine you would fight for your life because you know you are not in the wrong, but when it comes to our passions and our dreams we often let a set back hold us back. Some of the greatest successes in our world were once failures. In the case of Roy Hobbs, he was set back to the point where he needed to make a change. However, he still achieved his dream but was repurposed. A bump in the road is not always there to stop us, but more than often is there to slow us down to show us God’s plan for us. If we quite everytime something slows us down then we miss out on so much. What would have happened if Peter or the other apostles collapsed the first time they were imprisoned? What would have happened if the founding fathers in their journey to form this nation gave up after a slight hiccup? What would have happened if Lincoln would have quit after one of his failures? What would the world be like if Jackie Robinson stopped his fight after received countless threats? What would have happened if Michael Jordan didn’t try after his freshman year cut? What will happen if you do do not continue to fight for your dreams? God has a plan for us all and it is not to quit. He has something lined up for us and if we are unsure what that is pray not quit.


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