060407_migrantworkers_hlarge_2p_hlargeI keep seeing this issue come up about illegal immigrants, and I will concede those who come to this nation and actually commit serious crimes should be deported. There should be no questioning that. That is something that occurred in many of the past regimes. However, immigration is nowhere near the worst problem we have, and many American’s today would cite the economy. You can’t be pro-economic growth and be anti-immigrant. Immigrants come to this country and want to work. They come here and take jobs we do not want. The issue with complaining about immigrants taking your jobs away is none of you applied for them or took the initiative to get it. This is why the farmer, hotel, and various other locations had to hire them. While immigration needs control, mass deportations and travel bans are not going to fix the problem.

Economy and Our Food

200px-la_boqueriaAgriculture is one of the most overlooked areas of this nation and it gets nowhere near the credit is deserves. The vast majority of these people farmers who commit their lives to others to provide the food. It’s an industry that often gets rushed out due to corporate farms and urbanization movement. However, keep in mind how much of a blessing it is for out nation to make its own food, and for us to purchase it at a fair price. There is no secret that migrant labor makes up a large chunk of the workforce for farmers. In fact, it sits at an estimated 70% of the labor which goes out and helps to pick the fields and ensure we get the freshest product is migrant labor. Without them, a number of crops will die. Farmers will be forced to either hire the labor who likely won’t be as good, and very few of them are likely to stay on for long at minimum wage. So at this point, a number of things happen. The farmer accepts this, the cost of our food goes up so he can pay the, and our food is still not as fresh. Two, the farmer is forced to make fewer crops, our food prices go up, and the food is not as fresh. Three, the farmer tries to save as much as he can, leaving thousand of dollars in crops rotting in the field, our food prices go up, and now the farmer has a bunch of useless crops in his field. In pretty much all of the scenarios, the farmer could go bankrupt as well. However, this is making America Great Again, right? Wrong, simply wrong. This could cost the agricultural industry over $61 billion so between that and a stupid wall were almost to $100 billion that will come out of your wallet. When you get down to the numbers all of this massively destroys our economy.

Unemployment Would Rise

The more people there are in this nation the more demand there are for jobs. If these people would leave the country there would be less of a need for jobs. Not to mention, they often do jobs most Americans do not want to do. They often do hard working, back breaking jobs they are not here for a handout. They are here working as maids, construction workers, farm hands, and other jobs many American’s are not lining up for. Combine these two factors it would actually hurt the jobs market.

What Needs to Happen

While I don’t think there is a single American who opposes some form of immigration control measures what is being proposed right now is unethical and irrational. We are seeing many people who are being deported because they were registered here. Many of the people here have been a part of our nation for 10-20 years. They had been checking in and trying to do the right thing. They have families here and now they are being torn apart. Many of the people who are being deported if they did commit a crime it was minor such as accidentally blowing through a stop sign or some other minor crime. Nevertheless, this is not the case for many of these people. Many of them committed no crime while being here and are still being ripped from their family. So what needs to happen here?

First, politicians need to grow a pair and stand up the Donald Trump and his administration. While I see a lot of these bozo’s sitting there complaining about it I don’t see many of them working on the issue. While I agree opposing Donald Trump is a need, it means nothing if your only going to use your words. There are plenty of Americans who can oppose someone with their words. I see no initiative to actually oppose what the president is doing. It a completely different story if we see policy being drafted which the American people approve of and is denied versus going behind a camera and saying how wrong it is.

Once this commitment is made they need to hash out a solution that is bi-partisan. If the President wants the be America first then he will get off his butt and look for what is good for this nation not just what his buddy Steve Bannon like. A solution needs to be made. It needs to be easier for safe immigrants to enter this nation. Citizenship should not be that big of a challenge. There obviously should be a probationary period for people who enter this nation. However, the people who already here there needs to be an initiative to help them become citizens versus making them fear the next day. Not only does this help the economy, but it’s the ethical thing to do, it’s the American thing to do, and its the Christian thing to do. There are obvious stipulations which should be met, and those who commit serious crimes obviously should lose their claim to citizenship in this great nation. There should be controls implemented to ensure there is a stable flow of immigrants which should also take into consideration refugees. This nation needs to stop the partisanship and get down to the issues and fixing them rather than saying they will.


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