I love baseball and always look forward to going to the game. Being a kid from Illinois I was a Cubs fan, but always had my eye on the White Sox. Never really a fan od the south-siders, but they were my dad’s childhood team so I always had a slight interest. I was thrilled in 2002 when I found out I was going to the game. My summer camp has received tickets and it was the focus of my whole summer. Like I have said before I love baseball, and there is no game that I would not be willing to attend MLB, AAA, AA, A, Rookie, Independent, NCAA, CICL, yadda, yadda.  They day had finally come and we had gotten on the bus. We rolled through Chicago and prior to the game had hit the Navy Pier, and frankly, I did not care. When we got to the ballpark I was ready for the game. The Sox were preparing for the All-Star game next year and were playing the Anaheim Angels. Prior to the game, the White Sox were honoring Mark Buehrle. However, finally the first pitch had come Jim Parque had the ball for the Sox, and the Angels would strike first as Troy Glaus would drive in Tim Salmon. I remember sneaking away from the group to get a closer look. Knowing I needed a buddy to leave I grabbed a few guys I know like baseball and we left our ok seats in the upper deck and headed around the ballpark. I remember making our way down towards the area near the dugout and watching as the players walked out we looked in awe. Aaron Rowand walked past and most of us didn’t care (no offense). Carlos Lee headed to the on-deck circle and we began to become a little more impressed, the big guns were coming out. Carlos Lee headed to the plate and out came Magglio Ordonez. Carlos Lee got on so, in the spirit of being at Comiskey Park, we yelled out the knocked off winkie theme “OH WEEE OHHHH MAAAAAGGGGGLLLLLIOOOOO!!!” Mags didn’t do much in that at-bat, bummer, but the game went on. The Sox would go on to win that game, and I had a blast. I remember complaining as the camp group had us leave in the middle of the 8th, but looking back I get it was Chicago, a ball game, night, and a 4 1/2 drive ahead. The best part of the game though was getting to see the “Big Hurt” Frank Thomas play. I don’t care what team you like if you’re a baseball fan you like Frank Thomas. A massive force and well simply a massive man. Knowing for hurting the baseball with his bat Frank Thomas was one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. When he stepped up to the plate I looked up to him and he was huge, granted I was a kid who hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet he stood about 2 1/2-3 feet above me. It was simply and awesome experience because I was finally able to see one of my childhood heroes play. Speaking of heroes many of us have heroes from the Bible as Christians, and most of us would likely have David on our list. Like Frank Thomas may have been the greatest player to play the DH position, King David was likely the greatest human king ever.

So like myself standing next to the Big Hurt, I was there a boy among men, a really big one for that matter. Since I wasn’t a baseball or an opposing pitcher I had nothing to fear with my encounter with a legendary giant. However, this was not the case for David. When he went up against Goliath he stood up against what many of his time saw as the greatest killing machine. Likely he had the jitter of a pitcher making his major league debut against Frank Thomas. The only difference at the end of the game that pitcher worst case was sent back to the minors, as we know David had his literal life on the line. However, unlike many pitchers, David prevailed, and the rest was history. However, I look back and can remember standing next to Frank, and studdering when I talked to him I could only imagine what David was thinking. However, what’s most important in that story is that we know God was with David and he went on to do much greater things.

Speaking of bigger things, the Anaheim Angels would go on to winning the World Series that season. Being slightly a superstitious young baseball fan I figured it was me seeing them play and a combination of me watching Angels in the Outfield almost every night. I mean we all know that wasn’t true, how dumb is that it was clearly Rally Monkey(still missed). Also, speaking of bigger and better things in the dugouts on both sides were two future Chicago Cubs managers, Dusty Baker who would lead the Cubs to the brink of a pennant, and of a long time coach Joe Maddon who of course would break the curse. As for David and Goliath, I could only imagine if Hawk Harrelson could have done the play by play on that one “Folks we have a young and up and comer a shepherd boy named David, but it looks like David’s a little out of his league today going up against the Philistines Goliath. And before we show you our picks to click, you at home select yours…Young David comes up with his sling in hand and he winds it around as Goliath laughs. The rocks is up back, back, back. YOU CAAAANN PUT ON THE BOOOOOOAAARRDDDD, YESSSSS! MERCY DID YOU SEE THAT! Let’s take another look the rock is up and it hits Goliath, HE GONE! David making it look like a can o’ corn. And this fight is ovah!


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