Image result for moe szyslakOne of the more misunderstood characters of The Simpsons is Moe the bartender. On the outside, he appears to be an ugly and cold hearted individual, but when you get down to the details of the life of Moe he may be the most sensitive and loving character on The Simpsons. Many people look at Moe and only see the man once described as a gargoyle and was so ugly that he had to have a sticker placed over his face. Now don’t get me wrong Moe had his short-comings, but a lot of it comes with the line of work he is in. He is often left to deal with Homer, Lenny, Carl, Barney, and the other barflies which frequent his joint. A bartender can’t come off as the nice guy because it would limit his impact when dealing with drunk patrons. However, Moe Syzslak may be the perfect example of a person who epitomises don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Image result for moe szyslak the humanitarianMoe has a huge heart, he volunteers, he is great with children, and not to mention he seemingly foots the bill for his friends of chronically don’t pay up at the end of the night. Likewise, a growing fan theory shows about Moe seemingly shows more in an even more lovable manner. Many believe Moe knows Bart is the one prank calling him and he simply plays along to make him happy. Moe is a people pleaser and being a bartender many people come to him with their problems, bartenders often are counsellors without the degree. They often hear about people’s sorrows and provide advice when necessary. We see a number of clues into just how big hiImage result for moe szyslak reading to sick childrens heart really is as well. He has always shown love towards the Simpson kids. In fact, he struck up a friendship with Maggie. Maggie seemingly melted his heart. This was not the only indication of his soft spot for kids either. In one episode Ned Flanders recognises Moe as the kind man who is always reading to sick children in the hospital. Moe trying to maintain his reputation as denies it. Moe embraces the cover which he had because it’s almost a source of his well-being. He has the heart to reach out to the sick, the poor, and less fortunate. In other episodes you see hImage result for moe szyslak reading to sick childrenim volunteering at the homeless shelter. Not only do we see the heart of more, but we can see he’s actually much more intelligent than his profession and appearance put’s on as he is an avid reader. While Moe puts on a tough outside appearance he has a big heart to help others. He is kind and he is loyal. His friends often take advantage of his kindness. On numerous occasions we see Moe trying to collect on late bar tabs. While outward Moe is not someone many of us would desire to be, surely the inner Mr. Syzslak is someone we can all envy. He is a man who does ordinary work but doesn’t let this hold him back from doing much bigger things to improve the community around him. This very much like the pedigree of what the apostles were. When Jesus walked the earth he did not look for what the outside forces saw, he saw what was the man. He saw things which many of the apostles did not know were there.

I by no means calling Moe a holy man or some sort of apostle like being but much like the apostles, he has something within us which makes us great. The apostles were ordinary fishermen, sinners, tax collectors, and plain businessmen. Far too often we walk around and we judge and individual by how they look, and we are all guilty of it. We see a person and within second begins to analyse this person ignoring who they really are. This is not how JesImage result for judge a man not by the color of his skinus walk, and this is not how we should walk the earth. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King famous phrase “to judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.” I’m sure if you have been in this country for any time know this quote well. This is how we should be living our lives. When we rely simply on what our eyes can see we limit our ability to see what the eyes cannot heart, soul, and spirit. As a Christian we place our faith in God, who we can not see, we know He is real because of what He has done for each of us. God does not judge a man based on how we look or the type of person people have seen us. He judges us by our actions that are not always abundantly clear to the average man. While many people appreciate Moe, far too many do not know the great man which lies within.


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