1997_world_series_programIt was the late hours or at least what I perceived as late on a cool day in October. I had witnessed my first World Series game ever and it was one of the best games I have ever seen even to this date. I had rigged the rabbit ears on the small television which laid nearby red bunk bed and was able to get NBC to come in. To be honest, I knew I liked baseball, but I really didn’t understand the full extent of what was going on. I was seven years old and was watching a game which I would later fall in love with. I tuned into the game in the 7th inning and recalled wanting the Indians to win who currently had the lead. However, I had no vested interest in this game, but it was baseball and I was staying up late. Little did I know that it would go on to be yet another page in the turmoil of the city of Cleveland. If any American sports city has worst luck than Cleveland I would love to hear who it is. While my Cubbies had their drought they at least saw success from the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks at various times, but Cleveland it’s just a sad situation. Not since WWII times have the Cleveland Indians hoisted that illustrious honor. It’s not like Cleveland has had bad teams either they have had their chances, and while I am extraordinarily happy the Cubs won the series, another part of me can sympathize with them as well. They were up 3-1 on my Cubbies, and it looked as if Cleveland would be ending their drought. However, something special happened with the Chicago Cubs, and they set up what may go down as the greatest game 7 in sports history. Baseball more than any sport knows how to rip your heart out and demoralize your soul. Baseball isn’t fair, but neither is life. While Cleveland now holds the longest drought in professional baseball, it only reminds me how much of life we often take for granted and don’t take in what is truly beautiful around us.

Luckily for Cleveland, they had their moment earlier in the year as they saw their hometown hero lead their Cavs to the NBA Title. They overcame a 3-1 deficit and they went from experiencing a positive 3-1 flip, to ending the year on a negative. Sports are cruel. However, what will get left in the ashes of 2016 will surely be the record setting season the Warriors had, and the amazing season the Indians had. The Indians were on the wrong side of destiny. Everything about 2016 had it being the vindication year for the Cubs, and it was.

Baseball teaches us to appreciate the wonders of life. However, they also hurt us. One of the things I think we do far too often is arbitrate our pain. For many years, Cubs fans could say my pain is greater than thou, but here’s the thing we need to do better is to learn to sympathize. Pain is pain, just because one person’s pain isn’t on the same level as your’s or what you deem is greater doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. We far too often tell each other well that’s bad, but this person is going through this. It makes no sense.

Much like this situation how many times do we look at the negatives of what has occurred, but forgetting everything beautiful which had occurred? God gives us incredible blessing every day. From the moment you wake up your breathing, your are alive, and you right then and there are receiving a blessing. Since your reading this blog I would imagine your likely had a roof over your head, a blessing, and probably went to the bathroom short after in indoor plumbing. We often overlook the gifts which we have received. What ruins it one moment, one tiny moment whether that’s some jerk at work. The guy parked in two spots at the store, or maybe the person who just cut you off. However, we don’t see the blessing that we have paved roads, a car, and store to go to. The point I am getting to is not that we should not be hurt by these things, but it should not get to the point where it takes away from the amazing things which had occurred to get you to that point. Life is too short to dwell on small things which bring us down. In sports as soon as that loss occurs everyone’s team is undefeated and only a few short months until a new opportunity arrises. With every shortcoming comes a new day until that day the Good Lord waves us home.



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