PREMIUM CLOTHING CO.I know this statement in the title is a bit of a stretch, we are extremely divided am I right? We are divided by race, religion, politics, sports, I mean this world loves to be divided, but why? Are we not all children of God? To my brothers and sisters in Christ, there should be a fire in your bones. I will tell you now Jesus was not partisan, so why are we? Jesus doesn’t see a skin color he see’s only the light withing, so why don’t you? I hope the fire is building and the Holy Spirit fills you. Being a Christian is not about prosperity, not comfort. Just today I was walking to a coffee shop which I like going to because it’s quiet and I can do homework, but also reflect on a lot about life. I love walking, but it was raining, and what happened I walked in puddles. For those who don’t know much about me, I don’t mind water, but I loathe wet socks and as soon as I stepped in that first puddle I was like great. Then it dawned upon me though God wanted me to step in the puddle. Now I know it sounds stupid, but here’s the thing of it is we often are afraid to outside of our comfort zone to get where God needs us. I needed to get to that coffee shop not only to work on my homework but also to get a wake-up call. See the thing of it is what holds us back from unity is not that we can’t become united, it’s uncomfortable for us to go outside of our comfort zone. I’m telling you now pop that bubble. As soon as I got over my wet shoes my mind refocused. Our comfort is too often a distraction that the enemy want’s you to have. Don’t get me wrong God wants you to be comfortable but the devil wants you really comfortable. He want’s you to cry over spilled milk and be upset that your local Starbucks is out of coconut milk (not a fan). He want’s you upset over luxury. When you’re focused on all this your not living by the Gospel you’re falling into his plan.

Division outside of the kind which comes with a math equation and maybe some sports teams if put there by the devil. He wants you to look at your brother as a lesser. For those of you who have seen the series Roots a newly born Kunta Kinte is taken to the edge of the hill and is pointed to the sky and is told: “Behold the only thing greater than yourself.” What a wonderful statement because the thing is we are all equals in the eyes of God. Thy neighbor is not better and no worse than your or me. Billions of people are in need of help and half of that is simply being a human being and caring. When you walk into the store hold the door open. Saying hello to people. This isn’t rocket science. It involves not gossiping or using your tongue to bring down your fellow many. However, it takes hearts, hands, and feet. We need the heart to care and have compassion as the Holy Spirit done for use. He’s a wonderful counselor. Letting that heart lead you to what God has in store for you, and having the courage to love your brothers and sisters. It takes hands to reach out and sacrifice as Christ has sacrificed for use. It takes feet to walk the extra mile and sometimes out of our comfort zone to love our neighbor as God the Father loves us. Create something like the Father. Use our hands and feel to guide the heart to where it needs to be. After all, Peter teaches us this:

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Listen, all we sinners and children of the Almighty God, we do not have the luxury to not love each other. God gives us the free will to do things and while we may fall by His grace which we do not deserve we are saved! God gives us the grace we do not deserve, so why are we holding this from each other. Because it’s uncomfortable, but what does this make us, nothing but hypocrites. We are all hypocrites which for those of you who did not know it is why there are hypocrites in the church. The church is for the weak, the weak who admits they are weak and want to have a relationship with the only One who has ever been 100% strong, 100% of the time OUR GOD!

I will continue to write about helping each other because we HAVE TO. There is no excuse anymore my fellow saint. Yes, I said saint because that’s what the Bible says. We are all saints. Why not start acting like one, because if we do not, if a fire does not burn in our souls now we will one day feel the fires of the pit of hell.

I can’t tell you what your calling is but together we can be united by making the individual change we can. It makes take us down the dark alley which scares the crap out of us. It could take us to the purple mountains and by the power of God help us to move them hand in hand with our Maker. It could lead us to the Africa, Asia, South America, or to the streets of Chicago, IL, but if we continue to be divided and let comfort stand in our way the devil gains traction in a battle he will NEVER WIN. It shouldn’t matter if you have the money or the “extra time” if you sit down and look for ways to sacrifice in the name of the Lord God there will be a way. When you’re a Christian you should strive to be a Christian 100%. While we will all fall short of the glory of God that’s why we submit to His will, His glory, and His greatness. Walk as a Christian, talk as a Christian, eat as a Christian, pray as a Christian, vote as a Christian, and live as a Christian. Whatever you do for God do it until it hurts, and then keep on going. You think that’s not fair well a Perfect Man went to the cross for the sins of men and women whom he loved more than we could ever. You don’t need money to help at a soup kitchen, you don’t need time to say hello and give some money to the homeless man your tuck your head as you walk past, and you don’t need anything outside of God (I will note don’t take this out of context please continue to eat and drink water). With God, we have the bread of life and we will never go hungry. So I provide this challenge to you today WHAT is our GOD calling you to do today? Let Him take over, let the Holy Spirit fill you, and let that FIRE burn in your soul to make a change. I want you to read this message, share this message with your friends, and go out and be the change which you seek. AMEN! Peace and blessings you always my brothers and sisters in Christ.


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