keep-calm-and-trust-in-god-54One of the more troubling developments which is going on in out society today is this concept that our politics dictate our religion. News flash people Jesus was not this partisan buff. Let me make something clear Jesus is not a Republican. Jesus is not a Democrat. Jesus is not a Socialist. Jesus never joined the Tea Party. Jesus is not a communist. Jesus is not a Libertarian. Jesus does not lean to the Left or Right. Jesus is Jesus, Jesus is God, God is God, and to minimize God to partisan lines is heretical and despicable. It’s getting really ridiculous how our society is skewing so much. However, for some reason in America today we have this messed up reality that our politics drive our faith. Lo to you my brothers and sisters you need to stop this mentality right now. Faith should drive your politics and no this is not a call to bring faith into politics like some of you may be thinking. We cannot impede our objectivity because of politics.

“I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesus is Not a Republican…Nor is He Part of Any Party

I start with this one because one of the biggest lies which people in this nation believe is that the Republican party is the party of God. I mean the grand ole’ party is the party of family values right? They are pro-life and wouldn’t dare to back down to any challenge pertaining to God. I mean the party bathes in the evangelical American image. However, like every other party in the US and the world, in general, they are fatally flawed. Humans are flawed in general so granted it a double edged sword. We can look at a number of reasons why God is not a Republican, but you can make the argument for all parties. As a Christian we are best suited to remain neutral. We should not be swayed by one candidate saying they believe vs. the other. What if that candidate say they are Christian, but don’t live by the Gospel. It’s counter productive. We can have a candidate for example who says they are pro-life, but then completely reject the lives in need who are homeless, refugees, etc. The GOP is often pro-defense, pro-guns(don’t take this out of context), and pro-death penalty often.

Now Democrats I’m not going to let you off here because you also do not live by the Gospel. However, you can be a Christian and be a Democrat like you can be Christian and be a Republican. However, you can not let these labels dictate how you live. Democrats are human and they have flaws. For example, the Democrats often lose a lot of Christians because of their pro-choice stance. If you’re a Christian you should see abortion as murder, but at the same time there should be a little budge in some extreme circumstances. Democrats too have flaws. I could go on and on and point to a number of these parties flaws, but guess what it doesn’t matter because God is control and God is God. The Bible doesn’t speak politics folks. Now I focus on the two major parties, but don’t think this means your political party aligns more. Politics are of the world and are created by man, man is flawed, and thus politics is flawed.

Stop Saying Jesus was a Socialist…He Wasn’t

I give this it’s own section because this heretical idea is catching steam. Around 25% of American believe this asinine concept. I get some of the connections, but Jesus Christ was not a socialist. Stop with the memes, stop with trying to connect the dots, it’s just not true. Every political party will reflect some aspect of God because we were made in His image. So yes, there will be some connections, but this does not mean that they were this, that, or the other. Socialism is a government controlled institution. Jesus did not need to make people equal or force people to be equal because we are already equal in His eyes. There is freedom in God, in socialism, there is a bit of a removal of freedom. God gave us free will and what this does it allows us to have a choice. While don’t get me wrong one powerful aspect of socialism is it advocates for it’s fellow man, but this is not the kind which Jesus advocated form. Socialism involuntarily removes money from one person and give it to another. There is a vast list on why Jesus was not a socialist so please stop with this reference.

Wrapping Up

Listen, I am not knocking politics, but it’s flawed we are a society far too wrapped up in it. I’m tired of hearing people say God is this, Jesus is that, you’re not Christian if you. Political ideology has not place to dictate our faith. It’s become an idol for many of us. God is God that’s the bottom-line. God supersedes politics. Christians can side with certain political issues, but they need to remain neutral. If you chose to affiliate with a party you better be prepared to be a maverick because no political system today truly honor’s the greatness of our God. In the grand scheme of things politics does not matter. Our devotion to God should come above any political system. Let’s fix this issue as Christians folks. Start by turning off the news and do your research. It begins with discernment of what God was about. It’s getting in the scripture and studying the Bible, learn about what the Bible really says.  Stop getting sways by the words of others. Stop supporting candidates which do not further the Kingdom of God. Peace and blessings always by brothers and sisters in Christ.



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