So today I have begun video taping my thoughts as well. However, for some bonus content please read on. As the video began to discuss 1 Cor. 2:9 about chasing God with Joy. We should seek God like a kid seeks candy or a trip to Chuck E Cheeses or like one on Christmas Day. There should be nothing in our lives which impede our walk with Christ, if so it’s now an idol. Many people look around and thing idols as a physical thing which people often worship, but it’s much more than that it’s anything of the world which impedes your discipleship. I know for a little bit there even on this blog I was letting politics get in my way of my relationship with God which is why I no longer post political content unless necessary. One of my goals for this blog is to make it an arrow and arrow pointing straight to God.

20170422_072701Were all presented a path to walk in our lives. Our spiritual walk will lead us many places. God leads us down many roads, twist, and turns. We are present with choices and are given the choice between flowing with traffic and going with the will of God, or turning the other way. When we drive into traffic at best were going to make the people around us uneasy and get honked at, but if we continue to move in that direction then the result will likely be our demise. We don’t have the ability to keep our eyes off the prize. Think of an Olympic athlete who has trained for years and years. Their goal is the gold. While they are happy with being at the Olympics very few of them will say I don’t want to medal. It’s silly to think that. A gold medal is the peak of achievement for an Olympian. We can not get stuck in the mentality of “I’m happy to just be here.” If we have that mentality with God we miss out on so much around us. God’s blessing do not stop because we have become content with our situation. We need to seek as much of God as He will give to us. We need to have the mentality of Michael Phelps who continued to go back for more and more. We have to be hungry to win with God. When it comes to God we need to say I want gold and I want more. The Holy Spirit operates by invitation our spirits are like a car in the sense we need to come back and be refilled every couple of miles. We need to continue to see more and more of God.

If you like the video please comment and let me know. Peace and Blessings Always my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.




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