You'realwayswith meFor someone who grew up along a river, I absolutely love being near them. They are so beautiful and powerful. This is something which was discussed a few post back how God is a sense is much like a river. He is flowing and can bend and shape landscapes. There is something about those muddy waters that can wash us clean. It’s a place of baptism, renewal, and restoration. The rivers which God offers can save your soul. We should all belong to this river. We should go to this river when we thirst and go there when we hurt. This river will never go dry and this river will flow on for miles and miles. This river will never let you down but will pour an abundance of blessings into your life. This river I speak of course is the Holy Spirit. While man can baptize us with water, Jesus Christ can baptize us in the Holy Spirit, the “waters of the Spirit” will wash us clean and allow us to be born again. In order to be authentic, we must all be born again. While many people debate this concept it means to be born again in spirit and to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has a freedom about Him and a movement to change. A river flows freely and goes where it needs to bring life. We have to be open to this free flow because it’s our only way to be full, it’s our only way to live. While this is a short entry challenge you to always make your way back to the river to be filled with His blessings. Peace and Blessings to you Always my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


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