Partisan Jesus? The Man, The Myth, The Imagination

keep-calm-and-trust-in-god-54One of the more troubling developments which is going on in out society today is this concept that our politics dictate our religion. News flash people Jesus was not this partisan buff. Let me make something clear Jesus is not a Republican. Jesus is not a Democrat. Jesus is not a Socialist. Jesus never joined the Tea Party. Jesus is not a communist. Jesus is not a Libertarian. Jesus does not lean to the Left or Right. Jesus is Jesus, Jesus is God, God is God, and to minimize God to partisan lines is heretical and despicable. It’s getting really ridiculous how our society is skewing so much. However, for some reason in America today we have this messed up reality that our politics drive our faith. Lo to you my brothers and sisters you need to stop this mentality right now. Faith should drive your politics and no this is not a call to bring faith into politics like some of you may be thinking. We cannot impede our objectivity because of politics.

“I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesus is Not a Republican…Nor is He Part of Any Party

I start with this one because one of the biggest lies which people in this nation believe is that the Republican party is the party of God. I mean the grand ole’ party is the party of family values right? They are pro-life and wouldn’t dare to back down to any challenge pertaining to God. I mean the party bathes in the evangelical American image. However, like every other party in the US and the world, in general, they are fatally flawed. Humans are flawed in general so granted it a double edged sword. We can look at a number of reasons why God is not a Republican, but you can make the argument for all parties. As a Christian we are best suited to remain neutral. We should not be swayed by one candidate saying they believe vs. the other. What if that candidate say they are Christian, but don’t live by the Gospel. It’s counter productive. We can have a candidate for example who says they are pro-life, but then completely reject the lives in need who are homeless, refugees, etc. The GOP is often pro-defense, pro-guns(don’t take this out of context), and pro-death penalty often.

Now Democrats I’m not going to let you off here because you also do not live by the Gospel. However, you can be a Christian and be a Democrat like you can be Christian and be a Republican. However, you can not let these labels dictate how you live. Democrats are human and they have flaws. For example, the Democrats often lose a lot of Christians because of their pro-choice stance. If you’re a Christian you should see abortion as murder, but at the same time there should be a little budge in some extreme circumstances. Democrats too have flaws. I could go on and on and point to a number of these parties flaws, but guess what it doesn’t matter because God is control and God is God. The Bible doesn’t speak politics folks. Now I focus on the two major parties, but don’t think this means your political party aligns more. Politics are of the world and are created by man, man is flawed, and thus politics is flawed.

Stop Saying Jesus was a Socialist…He Wasn’t

I give this it’s own section because this heretical idea is catching steam. Around 25% of American believe this asinine concept. I get some of the connections, but Jesus Christ was not a socialist. Stop with the memes, stop with trying to connect the dots, it’s just not true. Every political party will reflect some aspect of God because we were made in His image. So yes, there will be some connections, but this does not mean that they were this, that, or the other. Socialism is a government controlled institution. Jesus did not need to make people equal or force people to be equal because we are already equal in His eyes. There is freedom in God, in socialism, there is a bit of a removal of freedom. God gave us free will and what this does it allows us to have a choice. While don’t get me wrong one powerful aspect of socialism is it advocates for it’s fellow man, but this is not the kind which Jesus advocated form. Socialism involuntarily removes money from one person and give it to another. There is a vast list on why Jesus was not a socialist so please stop with this reference.

Wrapping Up

Listen, I am not knocking politics, but it’s flawed we are a society far too wrapped up in it. I’m tired of hearing people say God is this, Jesus is that, you’re not Christian if you. Political ideology has not place to dictate our faith. It’s become an idol for many of us. God is God that’s the bottom-line. God supersedes politics. Christians can side with certain political issues, but they need to remain neutral. If you chose to affiliate with a party you better be prepared to be a maverick because no political system today truly honor’s the greatness of our God. In the grand scheme of things politics does not matter. Our devotion to God should come above any political system. Let’s fix this issue as Christians folks. Start by turning off the news and do your research. It begins with discernment of what God was about. It’s getting in the scripture and studying the Bible, learn about what the Bible really says.  Stop getting sways by the words of others. Stop supporting candidates which do not further the Kingdom of God. Peace and blessings always by brothers and sisters in Christ.


Two Fold Issue Here: Why Are We Letting Circumstances Drive Our Faith?

Just the other day I was reading an article on how 14% of Christians have left their church following the election. I find this troubling not because their actions were unjustified, but rather because it becomes yet another example of people who are letting their faith be driven by their circumstances. While I understand there were quite a few evangelical ministers who misused the pulpit to advocate for the sitting president we are seeing a nation become divided over politics. This yet another example of how the enemy is becoming more powerful in our nation. The risk of leaving their community is that finding another church which feels like home is hard. I have to wonder how many of these people found another community to join following this decision? While there is nothing wrong with changing churches because there may be biblically based disputes, but to give up on one’s faith over a politician is troubling. It opens the question how strong is the faith of those in America. Further troubling is the growing number of pastors abusing their authority to advocate for a candidate who does not live by the gospel. There was nothing which indicated the man the advocated for was living by the gospel. Nor were their actions ethical. There are two sides to this issue which really trouble me and the church needs to address this sooner than later.

Listen I know a lot of people who look at the separation of church and state as an enemy to faith, but when taken in the proper context it’s there to protect the church from oppression. It prevents state-sponsored churches. However, far too many people in this nation have no idea what this concept is about. They continue to skew everything it is about. Even worse there are pastors using the pulpit to advocate for politicians. This is 100% unethical. They have the right to advocate for a candidate, but not on the pulpit. Don’t get me wrong here speaking about politics on the pulpit and advocating are two different things. A pastor is well within his rights to speak on political issues, especially if it violates the core of our beliefs. However, speaking about advocating for a candidate is flat out wrong. Unless the other candidate is a major threat to our belief, our way of life, or anything which could alter the faith that’s one thing. However, many of them advocated for the one who was divisive, sexist, misogynistic, racist and living far from the gospel. They let politics interfere with good judgment. I am blessed to have a minister who leads my church with a nonpartisan mentality on the pulpit. Every minister should be politically neutral on the pulpit. While I can not blame these people for leaving their community I have to say my friend this is dangerous. You can not make change by backing down. It’s extraordinarily dangerous to leave your community without a backup plan.

Politics aside for a moment, Americans are particularly vulnerable to letting circumstances drive their faith. I am here to give you a stern warning this is wrong, dead wrong. Circumstances are just that circumstances. While a person who I do not support and many Americans do not support is in charge we have to push on past this. We have to be the change we seek. We have to unite rather than divide. We have to not only make the changes in our communities, but in our churches, schools, homes, and where ever we go. Don’t get me wrong if you are one of the 14% who left and did so because of biblical and theological concerns that’s fine. However, I provide another stern warning if it was by circumstances I am telling you, my friend, the enemy is winning. He is rejoicing right now that you have put a fork in your connection to God. I get it maybe that bridge which connected you to that community has been burned. However, in these time we have to stick together. We have to remain united in community. If you can’t find a church immediately get some friends together and worship. Follow a bible based and respectable digital community. However, times are changing and we need the church to rise. We can not lay down and let the enemy win.

This is the time for the church to be the church. Politics has not place leading theology. If you are in ministry and have concerns about a candidate and I mean legitimate issues please air them out. Russell Moore recently appropriately aired out concerns which were biblically based and he faced criticism. We need more ministers like Dr. Moore to rise up and appropriately use the pulpit to forward the body of Christ. We face divide right now folks and we as the church have to be the church. We have to help the sick, poor, and weary. We have to change the world for Christ. Peace and Blessings Always my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Why All Christians Should Care About the Environment

the_earth_seen_from_apollo_17Christian history 101 outlines the basics. On the first day, God created the Earth, time, light and the universe. Day two he created the atmosphere around us. Day three land and plants. Day four the sun, moon, and stars. Day five birds and sea creatures, and then day six land animals and man. Day seven God rested. Now I understand that this is all a bit watered down, but it gets to the point. God created all this, and we are destroying it. My question for those who are Christian and deny climate change is why? Why do you think it’s ok to avoid these signs? Why do you think it’s ok to destroy God’s creation? Why are you in denial of reality? What will it take for you come to grasp with this reality? It’s preposterous to think there are Christian who want to see a war of science and God. For the reality of it is without God there is no science. While a couple scientist has denied God that doesn’t make these factors opposites. The fact of it is we as humans are the #1 cause of the destruction of God’s creation.

polar_bear_-_alaska_croppedOne of my favorite animals are polar bears, polar bears are absolutely beautiful animals. They are fast, strong, and their pure white fur is simply beautiful. These beautiful creatures are a vulnerable species because of us. They can get as big as 1,500 lbs. They are designed to live in their environment which for many other species the climate would be unsuitable. Despite some false perceptions, the polar bear is a non-confrontational animal. They are stealth hunters and are just a perfect example of how great our God is. I could go on about the polar bear and their attributes, but that’s not the point. The point is we are in danger of killing these beautiful animals because we are unwilling to change. The polar bear population is expected to decrease by 30% over the next thirty years. Climate change and pollution pose a tremendous risk due to a decline of habitat. What going to occur if we do not tackle this problem is an increase of toxic contaminants and likely a rise in human-bear interactions. With the melting of the ice and the warming of the climate polar bears are not only at risk of overheating, but also drowning and starving. The key danger posed by climate change is malnutrition or starvation due to habitat loss. Polar bears hunt seals from a platform of sea ice. Rising temperatures cause the sea ice to melt earlier in the year, driving the bears to shore before they have built sufficient fat reserves to survive the periursus_maritimus_polar_bear_with_cub_2od of scarce food in the late summer and early fall. With the lack of food, they are unable to swim the extra distance and run the risk of drowning. Not to mention the potential for a higher mortality for the cubs. Look at that little guy, do you want him to die because you were too selfish to change?  I’m not a professional scientist, it’s not my strongest subject, I am a theologian, so I won’t try to tell you exactly how this process occurs I won’t give it justice. However, I am well aware there is plenty we can do to prevent this folks. Speaking of easy to prevent another major threat is pollution, if it’s on your heart to clean up the ocean please I urge you to follow this. If not, simply discard your items properly. Learn to recycle.

One of the biggest threats to our environment and to these polar bears is the oil industry. We need to continue to find ways to eliminate our reliance on oil. Alternative sources of oil need to be developed. There are plenty of sources which we can get gasoline which does not rely on an abundance of crude oil. Seriously, go and buy a hybrid. I’m not saying purchase a Nissan Leaf, I find them to be ugly. We all don’t have the money to purchase a Tesla, but one day we might. The Prius has been around since 2000, it’s a fantastic option, but for those of you who think this car is too “fruity” or too “uncool” or too “I’m a liberal” for your 2012 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybridtaste just about every major car maker has a hybrid now. To the left is the Chevy Volt, Chevy is also making the Malibu wit280px-ford_fusion_hybrid_2nd_genh a hybrid option. On the right is the Ford Fusion another option. If you like Toyota, but not a big Prius person maybe you should check out the Camry. It like the other options is your standard looking sedan type vehicle. There are numerous options which 1200px-toyota_camry_-_cockspur_island_ga_july_2012you can look at and find a fit for you maybe with the exception of a pick-truck which the kinks are still being worked out on. They have vans and SUVs with hybriImage result for toyota highlander hybridd options as well. Driving a hybrid not only help preserve God’s creation, but it limits our reliance on fossil fuels, limits pollution, and save you money in the long run. So maybe you can’t afford a new car right now, no big deal, but when that time comes it might be a good idea to start looking. Taking on the oil industry with better options will also limit the impact oil companies have in Washington as well. While it may cost us a few jobs, in the long run, it’s not an industry which will disappear overnight providing plenty of time for people to adopt new skills. The more and more we sever our reliance on oil the closer we come to a cleaner planet.

Now I am sure many of you are wondering why Christians should take such an environmentalist stance, well it’s simple, God instructed us to do so. In Genesis God tells Adam and Eve, to “fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28), He doesn’t tell them to do with it as we please. We were placed here to have a domain, not to destroy. You have to understand we are stewards not owners of the earth. The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains The world, and those who dwell in it. For He has founded it upon the seas And established it upon the rivers (Ps. 24:1-2). None of this ours and as Christians, we have no excuse not to know this and protect the earth. Leviticus 25:23 reiterates this, The land, moreover, shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are but aliens and sojourners with Me. We are all aliens and tenants of the land. You wouldn’t destroy an apartment that you’re renting so why would you destroy the land God is giving to you? Destroying the environment is a sin, believe it or not, don’t believe me ask the Pope.

Catholics should use this year to reflect upon sins they may have committed against the environment, and urge forgiveness for the “selfish” capitalist system which advocates “profit at any price.”

This is an urgent plea to anyone who still denies climate change. It gets to a point where you cannot deny this any longer. It’s kind of sad when the warmest year to date is consistently the present year.

The thing of it is as Americans fighting for the environment generally speaking does not cost money. It simply cost a vote, if we take a stand against politicians who oppose climate change we can make a lot of progress on this front. There are countless resources which we have which can create energy including the wind, water, and the sun. Instead of voting for the person who wants to cut regulations on water pollution, cut back on the EPA, or the one who continues to push for the use of fossil fuels or oil pipelines vote for the one who does not. There are countless plants which we can utilize to replace oil. Not to mention there are a number of ingenious innovations to help make these things possible.

The thing of it is there are countless options for us, but unfortunately, they do not get the necessary funding from the sources which they need to. You can get your own solar panels, not mind you these are not for everyone as roofing a house is not cheap, but these panels come in a variety of designs such as Image result for home solar panels elon muskthe trendy ones to the left which were created by Elon Musk and company or the more traditional one here on the right. Regardless, of the fact that you may not put one of these on your roof, we need to continue to develop options to create energy without damaging the environment. It is out duty to protect it.

Image result for smog wikiLikewise, even if you are selfish you should have a vested interest in protecting the environment because I want to breathe the air in this city on the left was said by no one ever. It’s not just a measure which should be done for us, but for future generations as well. I mean seriously though nothing says relaxing day on the beach more than old tires, plastic bottles, and a pile of deImage result for pollute beach wikiad sea creatures which fell victim to the pollutants put into their environment. Nothing must be more fun than making tImage result for beached whale wikio the beach to see that due to global climate change whales have now run around. Yes, people our actions also attribute to whales beaching. This is no longer a theory the harsh reality of this all is around us.

To be honest I do not understand why this is a debate. It is a scientific consensus that global climate change is real and we are contributing to it. To the remaining Christians who are not on board with this WAKE-UP!!! For whatever reason, you may have its time to put your ego aside because if you don’t future generations will all be getting an ocean view property (and I don’t mean in a good way). There is action which needs to be taken on this matter and it doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking or money, but it takes effort. It takes an effort of us taking action. Taking action to put leaders in charge who will support these measures. We need to become conscious of how our action impacts the environment. Maybe when its time to buy a car you should go with an eco-friendly option. Purchase energy star appliances. Add a solar panel or wind turbine to your property. Simply learn to recycle more effectively. Every little action you take brings us a step closer to a better planet.


Time to Re-Think Immigration

060407_migrantworkers_hlarge_2p_hlargeI keep seeing this issue come up about illegal immigrants, and I will concede those who come to this nation and actually commit serious crimes should be deported. There should be no questioning that. That is something that occurred in many of the past regimes. However, immigration is nowhere near the worst problem we have, and many American’s today would cite the economy. You can’t be pro-economic growth and be anti-immigrant. Immigrants come to this country and want to work. They come here and take jobs we do not want. The issue with complaining about immigrants taking your jobs away is none of you applied for them or took the initiative to get it. This is why the farmer, hotel, and various other locations had to hire them. While immigration needs control, mass deportations and travel bans are not going to fix the problem.

Economy and Our Food

200px-la_boqueriaAgriculture is one of the most overlooked areas of this nation and it gets nowhere near the credit is deserves. The vast majority of these people farmers who commit their lives to others to provide the food. It’s an industry that often gets rushed out due to corporate farms and urbanization movement. However, keep in mind how much of a blessing it is for out nation to make its own food, and for us to purchase it at a fair price. There is no secret that migrant labor makes up a large chunk of the workforce for farmers. In fact, it sits at an estimated 70% of the labor which goes out and helps to pick the fields and ensure we get the freshest product is migrant labor. Without them, a number of crops will die. Farmers will be forced to either hire the labor who likely won’t be as good, and very few of them are likely to stay on for long at minimum wage. So at this point, a number of things happen. The farmer accepts this, the cost of our food goes up so he can pay the, and our food is still not as fresh. Two, the farmer is forced to make fewer crops, our food prices go up, and the food is not as fresh. Three, the farmer tries to save as much as he can, leaving thousand of dollars in crops rotting in the field, our food prices go up, and now the farmer has a bunch of useless crops in his field. In pretty much all of the scenarios, the farmer could go bankrupt as well. However, this is making America Great Again, right? Wrong, simply wrong. This could cost the agricultural industry over $61 billion so between that and a stupid wall were almost to $100 billion that will come out of your wallet. When you get down to the numbers all of this massively destroys our economy.

Unemployment Would Rise

The more people there are in this nation the more demand there are for jobs. If these people would leave the country there would be less of a need for jobs. Not to mention, they often do jobs most Americans do not want to do. They often do hard working, back breaking jobs they are not here for a handout. They are here working as maids, construction workers, farm hands, and other jobs many American’s are not lining up for. Combine these two factors it would actually hurt the jobs market.

What Needs to Happen

While I don’t think there is a single American who opposes some form of immigration control measures what is being proposed right now is unethical and irrational. We are seeing many people who are being deported because they were registered here. Many of the people here have been a part of our nation for 10-20 years. They had been checking in and trying to do the right thing. They have families here and now they are being torn apart. Many of the people who are being deported if they did commit a crime it was minor such as accidentally blowing through a stop sign or some other minor crime. Nevertheless, this is not the case for many of these people. Many of them committed no crime while being here and are still being ripped from their family. So what needs to happen here?

First, politicians need to grow a pair and stand up the Donald Trump and his administration. While I see a lot of these bozo’s sitting there complaining about it I don’t see many of them working on the issue. While I agree opposing Donald Trump is a need, it means nothing if your only going to use your words. There are plenty of Americans who can oppose someone with their words. I see no initiative to actually oppose what the president is doing. It a completely different story if we see policy being drafted which the American people approve of and is denied versus going behind a camera and saying how wrong it is.

Once this commitment is made they need to hash out a solution that is bi-partisan. If the President wants the be America first then he will get off his butt and look for what is good for this nation not just what his buddy Steve Bannon like. A solution needs to be made. It needs to be easier for safe immigrants to enter this nation. Citizenship should not be that big of a challenge. There obviously should be a probationary period for people who enter this nation. However, the people who already here there needs to be an initiative to help them become citizens versus making them fear the next day. Not only does this help the economy, but it’s the ethical thing to do, it’s the American thing to do, and its the Christian thing to do. There are obvious stipulations which should be met, and those who commit serious crimes obviously should lose their claim to citizenship in this great nation. There should be controls implemented to ensure there is a stable flow of immigrants which should also take into consideration refugees. This nation needs to stop the partisanship and get down to the issues and fixing them rather than saying they will.

Democrats Must Develop Future in the Middle of This Mess

flagOne of the matters which can not be overlooked is the future of the Democratic Party, while the left is continuously serving as a balance to the president, they still need to ensure that they do not become overwhelmed by the scandals and devote a good deal of time to re-building the party. November was a big blow to the Democrats, and while becoming a block to some of the mayhem, and seeking investigations are all needed cause’s the only way they will be able to truly defeat a lot of these matters is by building themselves back up again. Let’s not forget that the GOP currently controls the White House, House, Senate, and the majority of governorships around the nation. Significant change is not going to occur with a super-majority in place. The fight is already beginning and there are a number of major decisions on the horizon which the party needs to place their attention to.

Who Will Lead the DNC

keithellisonLike any sports team, you want a coach/manager in place before deciding the strategy, and this is going to be the next big interparty matter which will be taking shape. The image of the party took a hit when Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was linked to favoring Hillary Clinton, but let’s be honest the convention she organized was well put together, and this ordeal is in the past. Leading candidates appear to be Keith Ellison Rep. from Minnesota and Tom Perez the Labor Secretary under President Obama. Finding a candidate who will unite the party is a must. However, this party needs someone who will inspire the party and votes alike. They will have a challenge ahead of themselves, but there appears to be a split in support between the top two candidates support. One of the things the new chairperson will need to implement is first and foremost a spine in the backs of the party. No longer can this party afford to back down on the fight. It needs to stand strong and focus on the people and beings the party of the people. Secondly, another major challenge will be developing a winning culture this starts with reconnecting with the people. They need to connect to the people. One significant benefit this incoming chair will have is momentum. They need to harness this momentum they are getting from rallies, town halls, and The Resistance and propel them to victories now and in the future.

Win A Seat Back in the House Now

Democrats have an opportunity to gain a seat in the house coming up in Georgia and they will need to allocate resources to a seat which a couple years ago was in a safe red district. If they pass on this chance to win Tom Price’s seat in Georgia then they are not getting the point. Trump only won this district by 1.5 points. There is a window to begin flipping red districts. Each seat makes it more likely they can regain control of the House at a minimum in 2018.

Wrapping it Up

There is a lot happening in this nation right now, but the Democrats if they have any hope rebounding they need to take the opportunities they have. They have to show the are the party of the people and reconnect with them. They need to heal the wounds of the people which may have felt alienated by them. Likewise, will need to harness the energy being generated by The Resistance. Their choices need to be decisive, strong, and well planned. There is a window of oppertunity for them and they have to seize it while continuing to fight for the ACA, investigating Russian interferance, and maintaining a policy that benefits this nation.

Are We Seeing a Scandal Bigger Than Watergate?

resist-cover-584x389What we are seeing right now is potentially huge, and this could add up to the worst political scandal since watergate. If in fact, the president had worked with Mike Flynn on this matter and has had connections to Russian officials prior to his inauguration or worse influencing this election we are looking at the potentially worst political scandal in the modern era. Now, this is all speculative, but this is what an event such as the one we have seen unfold with Michael Flynn, and indications of a cover-up does to the perception of citizens. We are seeing a number of Republicans refuse to investigate this further, while other Republicans want to know more, and the minority who want to investigate are spot on. At best this situation leads to find Michael Flynn acted on his own. We just spoke on this, but I want to elaborate on this matter further because there are a number of factors which need to be considered in this matter. While it’s possible he acted alone recent news reports are casting a dark cloud over this matter. In fact, moments ago the New York Times reported, “Intercepted calls show Trump campaign members had repeated contact with Russian intelligence before the election.” This is no longer a tiny matter, and no longer is Russian interference speculation, it’s becoming an imminent possibility.

Flynn is Not the First Trump Official Lost Due to Russian Ties

Flynn is now the third Trump surrogate which has been disqualified for their role due to Russian ties. While Flynn by far is the most significant, we cannot overlook the fact that Paul Manafort and Carter Page both were in line for positions with ties to Trump. Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair violated rules against an unregistered foreign lobbyist for Russia. Page, like Flynn an adviser to Trump, was investigated by the CIA for his ties to the Russian government, like Flynn, resigned. Then today Flynn resigned because he was compromised by Russian officials.

For months we have been seeing speculation that Trump has had ties to Russia, and his appointees have not separated him from this speculation. Keep in mind Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s past good relations with Putin during his time as ExxonMobil’s CEO. The links are continuing to add up, and the cloud over Trump and his ties to Russia are darkening.

The Timeline Works Against a Lone Act

As reported on All in With Chris Hayes we were given this timeline which shows the Obama Administration announce sanctions on Russia on the 29 of December. Russia later releases the statement they will retaliate. Reports have Michael Flynn making contact with a Russian ambassador. The following day Russia announces they will not retaliate, which is the least Russian thing to do. Not much longer after this then president-elect Trump tweets “Great Move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!” Again, this alone is nowhere near evidence that the president but this does, however, cast yet another cloud of doubt over this administration. It cast doubt on any claim that Flynn acted alone.

donald_trump_by_gage_skidmoreCandidate Trump Calls For Russia to Find E-Mails

Let us not forget on the campaign trail candidate Trump called on Russia to begin hacking essentially to find the alleged lost e-mails against his opponent at the time. Much like the other mentioned matter this alone is not an indictment, and alone would likely be overlooked, but when you begin to add these matters up. It raises a great deal of doubt, and makes one wonder how deep does this scandal go?

The Potential Cover-Up?

All indications are pointed towards a cover up on this matter. As numerous sources have reported that the White House knew about Flynn’s meeting at the latest 18 days ago. It took almost three weeks for the White House to take action on this matter. In fact, the growing consensus is that the White House was prepared to let this one play out had the media not exposed this matter. However, we all have to be asking why? Why did the administration not take action? Rather than taking action right then and there and look into the matters they let it fester. Now there is a cover up. Leaving most of us onlookers asking what are they hiding? What is also questionable is why was Mike Pence and Reince Priebus left out of the loop on this matter?

Was His Action Criminal?

On a plain look, many people will point to the Logan Act, but the thing of it is Michael Flynn would become the precedent in this matter. No one has ever been convicted under the Logan Act. However, there are a number of charges which could be brought against Flynn and anyone who potentially may have involvement with this. At the moment there is not an abundantly clear violation which is in play here, but this is precisely why we need a investigate this matter. Michael Flynn by taking his actions placed himself in a position for blackmail and potential tampering. Another factor which is being discussed is whether or not new attorney general Jeff Sessions will become a factor in this matter. Will he limit the intelligence community ability to pursue action on this matter? There are a lot of dangerous what if’s and on the face value, this is becoming potentially the biggest political scandal in American history. Again this could all be nothing more than speculation, but without an investigation, we will not know, and the speculation will only grow.

Was There Election Tampering From Administration?

The biggest part of this matter is potential election hacking. The New York Times just reported, “Intercepted calls show Trump campaign members had repeated contact with Russian intelligence before the election.” Which is providing an indication that not only did Russia interfere with our election, but they potentially assisted Donald Trump in his election. There has been a continuous investigation on the interference which had occurred and how deep it went. Reports have previously linked Flynn to Russia prior to the election. Additionally, a number of other aides had connections to Russia per the New York Times report. This issue is getting bigger and bigger.

We Need an Investigation

Whether or not any of this is linked together we need to investigate this matter just to see how deep this matter goes. If it’s as simple as a couple of incidents which are vaguely linked together by an anomaly then that’s great, but we can not continue to move forward with a shadow of doubt over our president. If you are a supporter of the president you should want this too because if he had no involvement then he needs his name cleared from any wrong doing. However, connections to this matter need to be looked into because this matter involves a foreign government meddling in our affairs. Logan Act violation aside here, we need to see if this is much bigger. Best case right now this was an isolated act by Michael Flynn, but worse case leads down a much darker road. A road we have not seen since Watergate and likely would get the president impeached. This is a quickly developing story which will be worth watching. We cannot go on without action, we cannot proceed without a thorough investigation, and we have to know the truth. This may be a bit over the top, but we need to make sure it is just that nothing more than specualtion.

Storm On the Horizon: With Flynn’s Resignation Down Falls the First Domino

tdy_welker_flynn_161118-nbcnews-ux-1080-600A storm is on the horizon. With the resignation of Michael Flynn the administration finally took the right course of action. Whether this was the choice of General Flynn or within the administration it was the right course of action. However, lurking behind this story is a much larger issue. One which can not be taken lightly and we are going to see who the real patriots in congress are and which ones are cowards. This comes as possibly the biggest hit to this administration’s hypocritical regime. Not long ago on the campaign trail, we saw Michael Flynn leading the chants “Lock Her Up” for a matter which Hillary Clinton would later be clear on. Fast forward a couple month later and we have the same man conspiring with foreign officials. Talking policy when it was not his place. Maybe it’s possible Flynn went rogue and acted independently and this is disturbing in its own light, but what is far more likely is the opposite. Others knew, and Flynn was not acting alone. Someone aside from Flynn knew about this. This move not only validates claims of Russian interference in our elections but also these actions may have directly assisted Donald Trump in his actions.

For those of you who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton based on her using a private e-mail server I hope you see the error in your way. This is a far bigger matter than e-mails, this is treasonous. This violates the Logan Act at a minimum and if the Republican lead congress has any integrity they will soon be investigating this further. We deserve an investigation. Whether they prompt the investigation out of a motive for the right thing or simply because they want to save some face, it needs to be done. We are passed the point where a nice clean ending is possible. A cover up has happened, and at best this will serve as another reminder how little this administration knows about running a nation. For you see if Flynn somehow was acting alone, how is what we should be asking? Does this administration have a bunch of free agents prowling around doing dealing as they please? This is a massive issue in itself. It asks who is in charge? Who is calling the shots? Is there any organization to this process? What message does it send to the world about our current system?

Michael Flynn should be investigated, and he and anyone who seemingly has any connection to him should be arrested and indicted on whatever they have coming to them. Luckily, it appears there are a few remaining patriots remaining in congress on the right, and leading that charge is senators Graham and McCain. They remain two Republicans in congress you can look at and firmly believe while I may have ideological differences, they know what they are doing, they are good men. Senator John McCain has spoken on the matter and describes the pattern developing here. It’s a pattern that is continously linking the president to Vladimir Putin. Below is a video link into Senator Graham’s comments on the need for strength against Russia, as well as, investigating this matter.

According, an article from the New York Times, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer state the White House knew about the matter 17 days ago. Now what we have here is a brewing storm cloud this matter is not going to go away because of the resignation of General Flynn. The White House knew about this matter three weeks ago, if not earlier, about this matter. During those three weeks, nothing had occurred to rectify this situation. We know that then acting Attorney General Sally Yates had informed the White House on these matters, but there is evidence which points to potential knowledge prior to this matter. Flynn should have been dropped three weeks ago. However, they let it fester into something larger. It was brushed under the rug for weeks and it was finally exposed. It became a major issue which became worse over the past couple weeks. This is precisely why it would be foolish not to investigate this matter. Likewise, it precisely why it does not appear Flynn acted alone. When you begin to dive into it the pieces of the puzzle fall into place Flynn was not alone in his doings. Think about it folks, when has Russia ever been slow to delaying a response to American sanctions. When has Russia ever been slow to retaliating against the US in some shape or form? There has already been evidence exposed of election tampering. The Trump administration for months now has on multiple occasions been linked to Russia. Shortly before taking office, Donald Trump tweeted:

Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!

This could all end up being coincidental, but we need to make sure that is not. Maybe Flynn was acting alone, and maybe this turns out to be a simple boneheaded move. Or maybe it’s what it’s exactly what it is building up to be, a storm on the horizon for Trump and his administration. Another picture of the character of this president. Another link and another hole which can be poked into their actions. Whether or not this was an independent action or a much large issue, its a major issue and must be dealt with accordingly and swiftly. The White House can continue to call this a violation of trust all they want but it will only be tossed in the pile of lies they have given to the American people since taking office. It’s a matter of national security, something Flynn was supposed to be protecting. This is what happens when proper vetting is not done. This is what happens when unqualified people take over. This again another indication of the growing reality that impeachment is imminent. As each story comes out it becomes a greater possibility. Regardless where you stand on the political spectrum, you can not deny the only way to describe the first three weeks is chaotic. Chaos is not what we need, action is needed, and we must unite to make this nation better.